Weight Loss With A Pink Lady


Ready To Share Weight Loss With A Pink Lady?

By Tana, RN Registered Nurse who is focused on helping people discover what great cellular nutrition can do to help people feel better on a daily basis.

I started sharing health information to help people be healthier.  After working as a nurse for so many years, the importance of taking care of yourself was demonstrated every day.  Herbalife though made it personal.  The Herbalife products helped my body return to good health when nothing else was working.  I have been enjoying their Healthy Meal Nutritional Shakes ever since.  Every day since 2004.  I am still not tired of them because they taste great, make me feel great and have truly made life more enjoyable.   

Even though I know how important nutrition is to good health, it is difficult to get adequate nutrition. Herbalife makes this easy. With the Herbalife shakes, you can get great daily nutrition and never get tired of it. Check out today’s special recipe. Sound good?

Using 8 oz / 250 ml of lowfat milk and Herbalife Formula 1 Vanilla flavor as the base, add a few ice cubes for thickness. Cut large pieces of a sweet Pink Lady apple and put them in along with 4 teaspoons / 20 g lemon juice, a large pinch of lemon zest and large pinch of freshly grated ginger. Blend thoroughly and pour into a glass.

This Shake uses the vanilla flavor, but the healthy and tasty things you can add bring wonderful nutritional variety. It is quite easy to mix things up with the different shake flavors available. That’s important when using the Herbalife Healthy Meals to lose weight as you will be replacing 2 meals a day until reaching your goal weight. 

If you don’t want to take the time to do a full recipe like this one, then they are plenty tasty without adding anything.  A simple and quick way to alter the taste a little bit is by simply adding a teaspoon or so of pudding mix. Pretty much change the flavor any way you want to get different varieties, yet still getting the best cellular nutrition on a daily basis and losing weight. 

I love to give great deals so people will at least give Herbalife a try and find out for themselves if it can help them feel better and/or lose weight. Not only lose weight, but actually have an easy management plan to keep it off for good.  Check out all the Herbalife choices. Register to shop on my Herbalife shop site and I’ll send you a a 25% off coupon to get you started. Any questions, let me know. Or check out my special for today.  


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