Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Have Heard


Are There Any Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Have Heard?

There is so much information out there, but here are some weight loss tips you might not have heard of. The key to many of the successful tips are a matter of convenience.

Here are 7 weight loss tips you might not have hear of…

1. Combining fiber, fluid, complex carbohydrates and protein in your snack can provide you with long lasting hunger control. Obviously, you can’t pile on each of those categories, but a nice salad with a few bites of chicken on it or sunflower seeds can add some healthy and tasty hunger control. Fruit or vegetable bits on your salad can help you feel fuller with fiber and help with the task of keeping you more regular.

2. Keep your easy to grab healthy snack at eye level in your refrigerator or shelves. Making yourself a little party tray is awesome. You can put your favorites such as carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower or whatever. Put a little bowl of low fat dip in the center. Set this easy access snack at eye level.

3. Have some healthy things in the freezer, ready to pop on the stove or in the microwave. Frozen vegetables for sure or ready made dinners that are healthy and easy to prepare when you are not in the mood for cooking after work. Convenience is key.

4. Don’t buy huge plates. You can still use your larger plates for things like salads or displaying your party tray perhaps. If you serve your meals on over-sized plates, you will likely fill up the plate with over-sized portions.

5. If you are the one who buys the groceries, then think about what snacks you want to allow in the house. If it is in the house, you will likely eat it, so don’t buy junk that will tempt you. Having kids is not an excuse. They should eat healthy too. Realistically though, everyone has their favorite foods, so there may be things you buy for others in your household that you don’t really want to eat. Devise a system, maybe a special box for each child that has their particular food in it that you don’t want to eat. They might like having their very own box of special items meant just for them.

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6. If you are really craving a special treat, why not go out for it. Whatever you want may not be worth the hassle of going out to get it, which is good, but if you really want a special treat, why not make a special trip to do that then? Bring your family if you want.

7. Getting on the scale once a week is not necessarily a bad thing when you are trying to keep up on your weight loss progress. Here’s a different approach you might like better. If you have a pair of pants that are tight, but that you can still zip up, put them on each Friday morning. Weekends tend to be when people have a hard time following their diets. If you try on your pants and they are loose, you will be encouraged that you are making progress and this will motivate you to keep on your diet over the weekend. If they are snug, it could give you motivation to stay on your diet, so they will fit better next Friday.

There you are, 7 weight loss tips you might not have heard of yet. Hope you found even some of them helpful. They aren’t magical, but every little bit can help.


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