Weight Loss Success Stories/You Can Be One Of Them


Weight Loss Success Stories

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There are countless weight loss success stories out there and you can be one of them. Losing weight is not always an easy task. With the right plan for your particular needs and the flexibility to tweak things if needed, it can be accomplished. And without the dread. You need to pick a lifestyle program, not so much a diet. It needs to be one you can enjoyably do for the rest of your life as this is a lifestyle change.

Begin your weight loss success story and never dread to step on the scale again.

Start a healthy, effective program now.

Any good weight loss plan should provide the means to lose weight, but also a plan to maintain your ideal weight, while providing your body with the necessary nutrients for good health. It is not all about weight either. Don’t fall into the trap that says you have to be “pencil” thin. We all are meant to have different body shapes and your worth is no way determined by your size, whether obese, overweight, thin or skinny. Sometimes people try to rush weight loss, but losing weight while providing your body with the best nutrition possible is imperative to your overall health and for your own weight loss success story. Here are a few.

Weight Loss Success Stories From Herbalife

Lyn lost 10 pounds that she had gained after 5 years of limited activity due to a chronic illness. The illness resolved after starting her program.

Nicki lost 20 pounds and has been a size 4 now for many years.

Carolyn lost 30 pounds initially and then lost 80 more in the following months. Before that she was very frustrated at all the diets she tried that didn’t work.

Leon lost 89 pounds that he had slowly put on after an injury in the military. He lost the weight in 13 months. After losing weight, he felt healthy again, slept better and had more energy.

Lisa lost 124 pounds in 10 months and 136 inches. Before losing weight, she had poor health, sleep apnea, diabetes and high blood pressure despite her young age. Now, she can walk up stairs without being out of breath, feels great and can play with her children.

Dr. Komadina, physician and state senator for 8 years, lost 115 pounds in 9 months after trying other diets that actually caused him to gain more weight. As a physician, he was quite embarrassed when trying to help his patients with their health.

Steve lost 3 pounds in 7 days, then 64 pounds in 12 weeks and went onto losing 168 pounds and 118 inches. Before losing weight, he suffered from poor energy, sleep apnea and heart palpitations. He had a growing fear of dying and leaving his wife alone prematurely.

Jim Poore holds the Herbalife record of losing 402 pounds in 19 months from a weight of 615 pounds and 80 ½ inch waist. He now wears “loose” fitting 36 inch waist pants. Before losing weight, he had suffered from sleep apnea, back pain, swollen legs and feet that made it difficult for him to even walk. He couldn’t even hold his new child. He was quite depressed. He was a month away from scheduled gastric bypass surgery when he started his life changing program.

Your Weight Loss Success Story

These are just a few people that have weight loss success stories that have dramatically changed their lives for the better. Carrying extra weight around puts stress on your whole body, but many people feel it the most in their increased difficulty to do the simplest of activities. Being overweight is very hard on your cardiovascular system and joints particularly, leaving you more prone to heart attacks, strokes and joint pain, to name a few. It substantially increases your risk for diabetes. It affects your health in so many ways. It not only affects your physical health, but also your mental/emotional health and even social health. There is a lot of information out there these days that can help you choose the lifestyle that allows you to get and stay at your ideal weight while still enjoying your food and lifestyle. You can be one of the many weight loss success stories.


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