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Weight Loss Solutions To Personal Weight Management Challenges

Weight loss solutions made personal will take you through a few scenarios that are very personal challenges that people face, which can contribute to unwanted weight gain. Weight loss solutions made personal will then offer some possible personal weight loss solutions to be considered by each individual.

Weight gain generally occurs when we take in too many calories for what we expend. We know that, but weight loss solutions need to be made personal in many cases as just cutting down calories for expenditure will not likely be a lasting weight loss solution. Here are some personal reasons or causes for unwanted weight gain that may need to be addressed to make your weight loss solution personal and thus bring a more harmonious outcome…

Some Personal Reasons With Weight Loss Solutions To Consider

Illness-If your unwanted weight gain does not have an obvious cause, you may want to have a complete physical exam from your physician. He will likely check to make sure your thyroid is functioning properly as well as checking for diabetes. Both of which can cause unwanted weight gain despite your effort to lose weight. Weight loss solutions made personal for your pet is sometimes needed as well.There may be other physical related causes as well, which only your doctor can effectively determine.

Solution to consider: See your physician. Rule out physical causes for unwanted weight gain or you will be fighting an uphill battle with any other weight loss solutions.

Injury-Obviously, if you are laid up for a while you can have some unwanted weight gain.

Solution to consider: If you were generally a very active person, you may need to cut down your intake by about 300-500 calories a day as your inactivity will be a major change. If you were relatively active, try 200-300 and if you were not very active before,100-200. Monitor your weight on a weekly basis so you are not surprised a month later that you gained 20 pounds. If you gain in a week, then you will need to decrease your intake. It is not just calories though, it is also the types of foods. Limit the junk food and processed foods to make sure what you are eating is providing your body with adequate nutrition.Also, ask your physician what exercise you can do. In some cases depending on your injury, you can do some low impact things with either upper or lower body, depending on where and what your injury is. Even little things will help.

Depression/Stress-These are two different things, but they are grouped together because they both can cause people to overeat the “comfort” foods as a way of either coping with their depression and/or stress. Also, with both of these conditions people usually are suffering from fatigue and often sleeplessness. Both of these symptoms often trigger overeating as well. If depression is severe, it is recommended that you see a physician and/or counselor immediately for care. As it pertains to this weight loss solutions made personal article, depression can further perpetuate overeating and overeating can further perpetuate depression.

Solutions to consider: If you don’t know already, investigate possible causes for the depression and seek appropriate professional help as needed. Situational depression is common with major life events and this depression will usually pass, but if chronic, the cause needs to be resolved or at least put in perspective, so you can enjoy your life. There are many self-help books out there as well, and if put into practice, can help pull you out of depression. Talk to a counselor for free at Focus on the Family. They can pray for you, which can be very powerful. If the cause is stress, look at how you may be able to better cope or decrease this. Too much stress can have detrimental effects on your health. If you are not able to decrease your stress, find things that you enjoy that you can do each day to relieve stress. If physically able, exercise is a great way to cope with stress and of course, will be one of your weight loss solutions. Even just a half hour walk can help greatly in coping with daily stresses.

Social Protection-Some people, men and women, but more frequently women, “want”to be heavy. Subconsciously, they are trying to provide a layer of protection around them so to speak. This can be from past hurts, different forms of abuse and/or low self esteem.

Solutions to consider: If you think this may relate to you not being able to find a lasting weight loss solution, see a trained mental health professional to help you work through these serious concerns from your past. If you know of a trustworthy, professional hypnotherapist, they can sometimes speed up healing by relaxing your conscious mind and helping you resolve the past hurt in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind often controls a lot of our behaviors. We, as humans, generally have strong self-protection instincts, some we are not even consciously aware of. Resolving these concerns can make a huge difference in your personal weight loss solution.

Your Personal Weight Loss Solution

In this weight loss solutions made personal article, I have tried to address some of the more common reasons that lead or perpetuate unwanted weight gain or difficulty with accomplishing and maintaining weight loss. Remember that lasting weight loss will require lifestyle changes and removing any causes for unwanted weight gain. You may wish to go through these things on your own or it may help you to have support from someone who will listen. Some of these issues are very personal and may require a trained professional to help guide you through to your own personal weight loss solutions.



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