Weight Loss Past Your Prime


Achieving Weight Loss Past Your Prime Metabolic Stage Of Life


Can you have weight loss past your prime? Weight loss just gets harder as you get older, especially if you are in menopause. You not only battle with the slowing metabolism, but also the hormonal changes that to contribute to your ability to have weight loss past your prime.


In my research, there are few programs that take into account these changes. The dropping in estrogen and progesterone do have an effect on a woman’s success on weight loss past your prime.


For more information on this, you can watch Dr. Teta’s video on this.


Many programs don’t take into account how nutrition, metabolic hormones, exercise and weight loss interact. Many get discouraged and resign themselves to having fat they don’t want, sore muscles, moodiness, lack of libido, poor skin, poor sleep, lack of energy and digestive difficulties. They just give up on this concept of having weight loss past they prime.


Then you might want to try this one last program. Dr. Teta has figured out how to combine certain movements in short workouts that activate metabolic boosting chemicals in your body. These can kick start your metabolism again and get you losing weight past your prime.


Metabolic Prime is a unique program that requires only 45minutes of exercise a week because Dr. Teta has combined certain movements that have shown to stimulate a better metabolism and improved metabolic system. This helps to turn the table on the slowing metabolic system and can have encouraging results even if you are over 40. In fact, it was specifically designed with the older person in mind. A menu guide is included as well. The workouts can be as intense as you want them, but you work at whatever pace is safe for you and take your rests when you need them. You can get more information on this weight loss past your prime workout system by clicking the link below.

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