Weight Loss In Menopause


Why Is Achieving Weight Loss In Menopause So Hard?

Weight loss and menopause are often spoken of together. Every woman over 40 to 50 has experienced some of the changes that typically take place in menopause or just prior. Even women who have typically been on the thinner side most of their life can easily see how pounds sort of sneak on. Once the extra weight is on, it generally is more difficult to get it off.  Achieving weight loss in menopause is often times not easy.

What Makes It Hard To Have Weight Loss In Menopause?

There are 3 basic changes that can make it difficult to have weight loss in menopause.

  1. Typically, for most women, activity tends to slow about the age of menopause.
  2. Hormonal shifts.
  3. Metabolism slows.

How Can We Be Successful With Weight Loss In Menopause?

There are a few ways you can win the battle of weight loss in menopause. Here are 3 tips.

  1. Be as active as possible by finding something you enjoy. For some, that may be plugging in an exercise tape or going to the gym. For others, it may be taking a walk several times a week or finding a sport you like. The trick is to find something you truly enjoy doing, so you will be consistent.
  2. Along with that exercise, a healthy diet can do wonders for improving your metabolism. Of course, we know that eating healthy is good, but if you have balanced nutrition on a daily basis, it has many wonderful rippling effects.
  3. Both exercise and eating right can help with hormones, but many women have found that Black Cohosh helps keep estrogen and progesterone hormones in better balance.

If you need more help with weight loss in menopause, there is an increasingly popular weight loss program that actually addresses the other hormone in the body that wreaks havoc on your ability to have weight loss in menopause and then actually keep it off.

This same “weight” hormone can actually do the opposite of what you want it to when you lose weight, which often causes people to gain all their lost weight back, if they manage to lose weight at all.

A Weight Loss Plan That Addresses A Woman’s Different Metabolic System

weight loss in menopauseAs a nurse with a focus on helping people to be as healthy as possible, I often have struggled to find quality programs or products that I feel could help those who needed more than just great cellular nutrition. For women trying to lose weight, I love the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor shows women how to override this weight hormone metabolically and keep it in good balance. I like that you can still eat your favorite foods as this helps people stick with it. The program teaches you how to combine certain foods to your advantage, it’s supportive and it is just a one time fee. Having weight loss in menopause can be had with this, but it is not just for women in menopause.

If you’d like more detailed information, check out their FREE informative video.


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