Understanding What Is A Calorie


What Is A Calorie?

You probably say the word “calories” at least 10 times a day, especially if you’re trying to maintain, gain or lose weight. But do you really know what a calorie is? Understanding this unit of energy measurement and how it is released into and used by the body will shed new light on the best foods you can eat for successful calorie management. 

This video describes the nature of calories and why some foods have a higher concentration of calories than others (hint: where there’s fat, there are more calories). The secret to healthy weight management is paying attention to a balance between the fuel you put in your body and how efficiently you burn that fuel, through physical activity.

Calories are an important marker that tells us if we are getting the fuel our bodies need. Calories are invisible but if you know how they work, you don’t need to see them—just how to use them wisely.

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