Treating Yourself Is Not Cheating On Your Diet


Why Treating Yourself Is Not Cheating On Your Diet

I am an advocate of this statement that treating yourself is not cheating on your diet if you plan for it.  The whole weight loss process or the even the word “diet” conjurers up unpleasant drudgery.  Changing habit patterns can be rough and celebrating your hard work to making healthier lifestyle patterns is not a bad thing.  Cheating isn’t even the right word.  Cheating is typically wrong with few exceptions, such as cheating on taxes or a test.  Celebrating your accomplishments is treating yourself and is not cheating on your diet.

If you want to be treating yourself without cheating on your diet, then it just takes some planning.   It is like the saying, work smarter, not harder.  I think what makes so many diet programs unsuccessful is that they restrict too many calories or have too many restrictions, so people have more tendency to want to “cheat” as they can’t stick to that kind of diet long term.  Of course, the other problem with those type of diets is that they tend to be unsuccessful for permanent weight loss and often are not healthy.  The key to successful permanent weight loss is finding a program and lifestyle plan that is enjoyable to you as that is one you can stick to for the long haul.  And I believe, any successful long term program will allow an indulgence now and then.

It is also important to work on the mindset of what is considered a treat and what is considered what you have to eat.  Yes, you do have to plan a healthy nutritious diet, but it doesn’t have to be icky.  It is changing that mindset so that you are enjoying your healthy nutritious diet.  It may take some trial and error finding those healthy foods you enjoy, but as you work on this, it typically gets easier and you can enjoy foods that maybe you once did not.  Those foods that just can’t seem to make it over to the good side for you, you can find a reasonable alternative or you can just eat that particular food, which only takes a couple minutes out of your day and then move on.  This would be broccoli for me.

The nice thing thing about eating a consistently healthy diet with low sugar, fat and calories is that it does allow an indulgence now and then, which may not be in that category.  You wouldn’t want to eat cheesecake every day, but if you love cheesecake, a healthy daily diet will allow it once a week, maybe twice depending on the rest of your daily diet.  If I am in the mood for cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream, I simply make sure the rest of my daily diet is highly nutritious and low calorie.  For example, I wouldn’t eat pizza or high fat foods on the same day.

Planning is Critical To Any Diet or Successful Weight Plan

Planning is critical and you do need to be careful as being too lax can slow your weight loss progress or worse, you can gain weight.  If you want to allow these “treats” in your diet, then make sure it is just part of one meal and not the whole day.  And if you know you are going to a get-together with no control of what food is served or maybe a restaurant, then plan for it a few days in advance if at all possible.  It is easier and healthier usually, to plan for an extra 500 calories for the week, if you can decrease a little bit each day that week.

The 3 Week Diet

If your daily calorie goal is 1500 a day, then times that by 7 days, which is 10,500 calories for the week.  If you figure your planned activity will be 500 extra calories, then you will have trim the rest of your week to 10,000, so maybe decreasing your calorie intake 100 calories for a few days.  That might equate to decreasing one extra snack a day or maybe smaller portions for a few days that week.

Remember That Treating Yourself Is Not Cheating On Your Diet

The mindset that treating yourself is not cheating on your diet has been statically proven for successful permanent weight loss, but it must be part of a planned nutritious diet that is consistent.  Nobody wants to be hungry or have too many restrictions, so it is important to find a healthy lifestyle plan that you enjoy.   When you can enjoy your daily eating plan, then along the way, treating yourself is not cheating on your diet, but really in essence, is helping your diet.


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