The Weight Loss Mint


Cash In On Weight Loss With A Touch Of Mint 

By Tana, RN Registered Nurse who is focused on helping people discover what great cellular nutrition can do to help people feel better on a daily basis.

Weight loss should be fun, right?  I’m not kidding!  How many people go on and off diets, only to regain the weight they might have lost?  If you don’t have an enjoyable plan, really a lifestyle plan, not a “diet,” then it will be really difficult to keep the weight off permanently. 

Eating the same group of foods day in and day out or the lack of foods you love to eat does not make for an effective weight management plan.  You need a plan that is enjoyable.  One that you can continue throughout your life for lasting, enjoyable weight management. 

That’s why people who use Herbalife, literally several million people around the world, love Herbalife.  It provides the best nutrition available, but with great taste.  Then on top of that, Herbalife shows you how you can spice up your weight management plan, so truly it is the mint of weight management success.  

Here’s another recipe that adds one more way to spice up your weight loss, giving it variety and fun.  This is Herbalife’s strawberry mint healthy meal nutrition shake. It is made with the Wild Berry flavor, but you can also use Vanilla or even chocolate. That’s what is great with Herbalife as there are countless options for variety with each flavor.

Most people agree that mint and chocolate make a great flavor combination. But what about mint and strawberries?  This Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal shake recipe blends a few fresh mint leaves with fresh strawberries in a Wild Berry shake base, for a truly distinctive and delicious flavor!

Registered dietitian Susan Bowerman recently noticed that her peppermint plants were flourishing in her garden and she wanted to use some of it in her morning shake. Already knowing that chopped mint was a wonderful addition to fruit salads, she chose to pair it with the season’s fresh strawberries. But you can try mango and pineapple as well! Used sparingly, mint acts as a balanced note that doesn’t overpower the berry taste. You might start with just a few rinsed leaves, then taste and add one or more additional leaves if desired.

Strawberry Mint Shake (Calories: 260) 25 g / 2 scoops Herbalife Formula 1, Wild Berry shake mix 240 ml / 8 ounces lowfat milk or soy milk Ice cubes 160 g / 1 cup fresh strawberry halves 6-8 fresh mint leaves In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until shake is smooth. Serve immediately.

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