The Dieting Yoyo Life To Continual Frustration


The Dieting Yoyo Life To Continual Frustration

Many dieters know that the dieting yoyo life to continual frustration is sadly the truth. Just hearing the word “diet” brings memories of diet shortcomings in their past. It may even bring up a wave of depression that can actually be felt moving over the whole being. Dieters who really want to lose weight choose diet after diet in the hopes of finding that one diet that will accomplish their weight and health goals. Only to go through a diet that restricts foods and makes the dieter feel “run down.” The dieter may even lose some weight and brag at the weight they lost. Soon after they have stopped their “diet,”however, the weight starts creeping back. Diets simply don’t work without a lifestyle change. People know this, but still you could go anywhere in the world and find people who understand that the dieting yoyo life to continual frustration is all too real.

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The question is then, why would someone do the dieting yoyo life to continual frustration if they know diets don’t work? Some people just eat even when they aren’t hungry. Certainly, you can’t discard eating altogether. We need food to sustain life, but also true, we need the right kind of food, which many diets restrict. If you are one of those people who eat for reasons other than hunger, then those reasons should be explored and solutions creatively constructed so you will follow them the rest of your life. Food is great and we should enjoy our food, but find a more life sustaining perspective of the food we choose to eat and when.

There may be a handful of exceptions to not going on a “diet.” Your doctor may recommend a diet in a hurry due to serious health risks related to your weight. While under a doctors care, a diet may be chosen while you incorporate lifestyle changes, although frequently this is difficult to do at the same time. The problem still remains that majority of diets out there restrict foods to the point of poor nutrition. This doesn’t help weight and doesn’t help health. Still helpful is a fresh perspective on how we view the foods we eat. If we go around telling ourselves that “healthy” foods are gross, then we will likely always be overweight and unhealthy, which means that you will likely lose quality of life to some degree or another. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a fresh perspective, you can view healthy food with anticipation. Wouldn’t that be nicer than restricting foods that you enjoy for the sake of the diet life yoyo ride to continual frustration?

Cut The String To The Dieting Yoyo Life To Continual Frustration

For anyone to obtain true success a lifestyle change must be made. This is the only way that an individual will likely get rid of extra weight for their lifetime. These lifestyle changes can literally save your life and bring a better quality to your life, so be patient with yourself. Think of what you’d like toCut The String To The Dieting Yoyo Life To Continual Frustration accomplish with your weight and your health. Start with small, realistic and obtainable goals. Write these goals down along with what you will do to obtain these goals, for example, maybe you know having that mocha coffee every morning adds way too many calories and not enough nutrition, so you plan to exchange the mocha on the way to work with a healthy nutrition shake. Remember, you are making these healthy changes for the long haul. It is easier for many to incorporate one change every week or so. If you are doing this for health reasons, then your doctor can direct the speed in which you make these changes. I am not saying to take years, but rather weeks or really however long it takes. Depending on how many changes need to be made, time will vary. If one of your changes isn’t working, then tweak it a little so it will work. No worries. Keeping goals small, realistic and obtainable at first will build confidence in your lifetime success.

As you are making these alterations in the way you are eating each day, you will likely start to feel better. Your attitude toward food, specifically healthier food choices will encourage you. Adding some exercise to your lifestyle changes is ideal as well, provided there are no medical reasons which would not allow this. Even people with some medical conditions can exercise in certain ways. Please discuss this with your physician. Exercise can help you feel better, decrease your stress, help you sleep better, build strength, burn fat and improve your heart health. Try to choose an exercise plan that you are able to enjoy long-term. If you get tired of something in particular, just tweak it. Find something you enjoy. If you have to sit a lot at work, get up often, stretch and move around a little bit if possible.

Many people get discouraged if they regress a little bit, but no worries. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Just regroup, realize you are human (at least I hope you are) and get back on track. Really focus on nutritious choices as just reducing calories won’t likely make you feel better unless you are eating the right amounts and right things that will nourish the cells of your body. If you are consistently getting great nutrition on a daily basis, then it will more easily allow a tasty, although not so healthy, snack now and then. You will be able to enjoy it without the guild also.

There are many routes to the dieting yoyo life to continual frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can get on the safest route that will always bring you success if you are determined and persistent. There simply is no way to fall short when you are making healthy choices in your life that bring healthy results.  Don’t worry about losing 10 pounds in a week or whatever, work on losing weight while actually getting healthier and having more energy. As long as you are progressing in a healthier direction, the dieting yoyo life to continual frustration will just be a thing of the past.


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