Some Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Efforts


Some Easy Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

By Tana, RN

We can all use some tips to help weight loss efforts or just incorporate these tips for healthier weight management efforts.  We all know there are a “zillion” weight loss diets out there.  Most come and go in popularity.  Ultimately, it comes down to eating healthy and getting adequate exercise.  BUT … Then you add all the little variables of life that we all have as individuals and the simple proven formula of eating healthy and exercising doesn’t always work like you’d like.  That’s where some of these tips to help your weight loss efforts could help. 

I am a strong believer that you have to develop a program and incorporate habits that fit your lifestyle and are enjoyable.  If they don’t or aren’t, then it is difficult to follow your plan with success. 

Let’s Start With Sleep

Some Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

Sleep is good!

There have been some interesting studies out of Harvard and sleep study clinics.  It is thought that missing sleep can alter hormones and even alter the part of the brain responsible for self control.  This can lead to over eating and of course, weight gain.  And of course, getting adequate sleep routinely can help bring us a better quality of life as a whole. 

Eat Breakfast

So now that you’ve had a good night’s sleep, it is time to take a few minutes and have a good breakfast.  Breakfast is breaking the fast of the night.  Your body needs nutrition to give it the best start on the day.  Including protein is important to helping your breakfast keep you full and energized during the morning.  Include some fiber as well and it will be even better.  I know I am not the only one who isn’t a big fan of breakfast foods. That’s why I start every morning with a tasty protein shakeSome Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Efforts It is quick, tasty and supplies the equivalent of 2,000 calories of great cellular nutrition, all under 200 actual calories. 

Eat More Fiber

We just touched on how adding fiber to your breakfast can help you feel fuller and this is true for any meal.  Surveys have shown that many people do not eat enough fiber.  The prevalence of processed foods basically strips our diets of fiber.  Fiber is important for good gastrointestinal health as well.  Did you know over 70% of our overall health is related to the health of our GI tract?  So, eating adequate amounts of fiber is not only good for effective weight loss and weight management, but our overall good health. 

Many people immediately think of bread when thinking of fiber, but with the processing, your bread may not have much, if any, fiber left in it.  Check the labels.  Generally, whole grain breads have more fiber, but not always.  Other good sources of fiber are oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. 

How Big Is Your Plate?

There has been fairly recent advertising about how our plate size affects how much we eat.  Stands to reason, if you have a large plate, you are not going to put healthy sized portions on it.  Easy solution, don’t buy those huge dinner plates. 

Eat Slower

There has been several studies in recent years that have taught us that eating slower can decrease our likelihood of overeating.  Eating slower gives your stomach time to register fullness.  This takes about 20 minutes.  If you are eating too fast, you can eat quite a lot of food under 20 minutes before your body catches up and says “I am full,”  “I am full.”  A Rhode Island study suggests that you can save 70 calories every meal by eating slower, which is about 2 pounds a month.  Not too shabby.

Helpful Foods To Eat
Foods with high water content can help you feel fuller, plus add a little water to your diet, which is helpful for many of us.  These foods would be like certain fruits and vegetables, such as apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, lettuce, peaches, tomatoes, etc.   Usually we tend to eat fruit after our meal, but eating some before our meal, even up to a hour before our meal, has shown that it can decrease our calorie intake at mealtime. 
A few months back, I watched Dr. Oz where he was talking about pistachios and the Harvard study that shows their helpfulness to weight loss.  Having to shell the pistachios forces you to slow down and pistachios are healthy for you, even helping with metabolism. 
Eating adequate amounts of healthy protein foods, such as fish, white chicken meat, lean meat, soy, beans, eggs (American Heart Association says that one egg a day is fine for healthy adults) or Greek yogurt.
These are some tips to help with your weight loss efforts, but like anything, you have to implement them for it to help.  Sometimes it is hard to change our habits.  Even if you have to implement one or two at a time, that is better than not.  As you see good effects, it will encourage you to implement all these tips to help with your weight loss efforts. 

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