New Approach To Losing Weight


Want A New Approach To Losing Weight

Those who want a new approach to losing weight need to focus on weight loss plans that support healthy eating. There is no other way for lasting weight loss. If you choose to lose weight with a particular diet, then you cannot return to what caused weight gain. Healthy eating habits need to be adapted. Some people are doing good things, but still not losing weight. If that is you, it is time to discover what is holding you back from achieving the weight loss you desire and implement a good plan that maximizes good health and a healthy metabolism. If you really want a new approach to losing weight, then healthy eating is imperative and not a bad thing. Get at the roots

Still Reading? Then I Assume You Do Want A New Approach To Losing Weight

So, you do want a new approach to losing weight as you are still reading. Be reassured, healthy eating doesn’t mean you can’t have desserts or bread, but it does mean that you have to get the nutrients your body needs. This is critical. That is why I am not a big fan of most of the diets out there. Many restrict foods we love, keep us hungry or are otherwise not really all that healthy. Food is a huge pleasure for us and it fulfills many emotional and social needs. Your eating plan should be healthy, but not take that away completely. That is a huge reason people don’t stay on “diet plans.”

Need Or Want A New Approach To Losing Weight

Being a nurse for many years, I have seen first hand how poor health habits can cause so many people health miseries that could have likely been prevented. Not always, but very, very frequently. 70% of doctor visits are diet related. That is why I became a nutrition nurse and health coach in order to help people see the importance of good nutrition in their life, but also stressing that one needs a balance. For me, I just can’t bring myself to eat certain foods even though they are healthy, but I am always on the search for foods I enjoy that are also healthy. You can do the same if you want a new approach to losing weight. By having good nutrition each day, I can take the liberty of having a cookie or cheesecake now and then. It’s about balance. You have to enjoy whatever plan you choose.

I Want A New Approach To Losing Weight That Is Enjoyable

I love Herbalife because they make getting excellent cellular nutrition easy and under 200 calories, which better allows that cheesecake, yes. If you haven’t tried Herbalife shakes, they are different than the rest, at least the ones I’ve tried. The cellular nutrition in them is nothing short of amazing and they taste good. I have had a shake everyday since 2004. The rare morning that I decide to have a “traditional” breakfast, I end up having a shake later in the day because I miss it. I never tire of them.

Why Not Losing Weight May Not Be Your Fault

Sometimes just going on some fad diet just won’t do the trick. Sometimes there are other factors involved. At the core though really is getting a good foundation of cellular nutrition, but it is also evaluating other reasons that may be causing the inability to lose weight that doesn’t directly related to food. This could be emotional or lifestyle patterns. If you are having trouble losing weight or just keep gaining, a comprehensive evaluation on your total health may be in order. This is evaluating whether your weight problems are due to too many calories in for what is burned off or are you not eating enough so your metabolism is actually slowing? Are you overeating due to some emotional concerns? Too much stress, not enough sleep? All these lifestyle habits can contribute positively or negatively to your weight management. It is recommended that you find a healthy base for good health, then work on each problem individually. I hate when people tell me this, but I am going to say it, be patient. Celebrate your successes as you go along.


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