Metabolism Miracles


 Where Are Those Metabolism Miracles?

With Tana!

Many people are looking for metabolism miracles to help them manage their weight or give them energy. I have come across many who think it would take a miracle to get them to lose weight as many have been struggling with excess weight for so long, some their whole lives. Before we get into discovering if there are any metabolism miracles out there, let’s define what metabolism is.

Metabolism is a chemical process, really one of those metabolism miracles in itself, as this metabolism process keeps you alive. The process of metabolism allows your body to breathe, get your blood circulated, keep your brain working and get energy for the body from the food we eat. These are the functions that need to be taken care of just to keep you alive. You need so many calories taken in by the foods we eat to provide the energy for this metabolic process of sustaining life. Most of our daily calories are used for this daily process. People trying to lose weight should not cut calories to the point of messing with the resting or basal metabolic rate, which is the basic amount of calories needed to keep all your vital organs functioning.

Metabolism Miracles Is In The Changing

If we want to change your metabolism, usually speed it up, then you need to realize that our metabolism rate comes primarily from the parts of the body that aren’t fat, such as bones, muscles, fluids and tissue.

Metabolism miracles start with the non-fat areas of our body.

One pound of muscle burns 14 calories per day as opposed to one pound of fat, which burns about 2 calories a day. You can determine an approximate basal metabolic rate or resting metabolism rate by this example. If you are 150 pounds and you estimate that 100 pounds of you is not fat and 50 pounds of you is fat, then your resting metabolism rate would be about 1,400 calories, which is using the rate of 14 calories burned by 1 pound of muscle times 100 pounds of the non-fat part of your body. There are variations of course depending on age, gender, hereditary, health, nutrition and activity level factors. It is clear, however, that creating your own metabolism miracles will include building muscle mass in order to burn calories at a higher rate.

So besides cardiovascular exercise to help speed up metabolism, be sure to do some strength training also. It is also important to get on a nutritious diet that puts your calories to work for you and not let the calories make you work by eating tons of calories of the wrong foods. Your body knows when it needs a particular nutrient and if you don’t eat it, it will trigger you to eat more and you likely will not even know why you all the sudden want to eat again.

Simple Things To Do Each Day To Create Your Own Metabolism Miracles

Get involved in at least 30 minutes of walking, running or some other activity that is appropriate for your health status right now. If you have concerns about this, speak with your doctor. This regimen can help increase your metabolism as well as help with weight management.

  • At least 3 days a week, do some exercises that help with toning your muscles. You can go to the gym or there are a ton of exercise videos out there so you can actually do this at home. You can use just small hand weights or ankle weights. You can even try walking with light ankles weights of maybe 1-2 pounds.
  • Be sure to work on eating a nutritious diet on a consistent basis.
  • Do not skip meals. This freaks the body out and can actually slow your metabolism.
  • Remember it is important to take in enough calories to handle your resting metabolic rate. This will vary, but the rule of thumb is not to go below 1,200 calories if you are female and 1,800 for males.
  • Have healthy protein snacks available instead of junk food. Protein will help in building your muscle mass. That will help with your metabolism.
  • Herbalife has some great supplements that can also increase your metabolism such as their Total Control and Herbal Tea Concentrate.

These are some simple things that can make metabolism miracles come true. Doing these things consistently might surprise you in terms of getting your metabolism working at a more efficient rate. You might even consider it one of those metabolism miracles you were hoping for.


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