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All Exercise Is Not Created Equal

Why Not Do Metabolic Changing Exercise?  We hear a lot that we should exercise and the harder we exercise, the more calories we burn and get more benefits.  There is more to it than that though as Dr. Teda explains.  This is especially true for women over 30.

Metabolic Changing Exercise Has Helps You To Work metabolically Smarter Not Just Harder

If you are looking to metabolically rebalance your hormones and create a calorie deficit, then you need to work metabolically smarter, not just harder. As discussed in a previous article, just ab-centered exercises will not help you burn fat. When you work metabolically smarter, you can more quickly burn fat from your belly and beyond. I’ll let Dr. Teta explain…


It all starts with a metabolically intelligent exercise program that will help create the caloric deficit you need while rebalancing your hormones. This kind of program, unlike ab-centered exercises, will truly help you burn fat—not only off of your belly, but your whole body.

Let’s talk about the wrong way to exercise first.

Exercise is a stress to the body. That’s the first thing you need to understand.

If it’s done the correct way—not overdone—it’s what psychologists call a eustress or a positive stress to the body. In this case, the body is able to adapt to the stress, and it utilizes metabolic resources that are a product of that stress to become leaner, faster, and stronger.

However, exercise overdone or done the wrong way becomes a negative stress.

This is the first, most important aspect of exercise physiology to understand, because most people just think any old exercise is good exercise and the more, the harder, the longer, the better.

Unfortunately, what most people think is dead wrong.

When you over-exercise you stress out the body and emphasize the secretion of stress hormones, namely cortisol. It should be clear why this is a problem at this stage. Just remember our equation: Excess Calories + Excess Cortisol + Excess Insulin = Weight Gain.

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Even if you are in a caloric deficit, if you over-exercise the excess cortisol you produce is likely to minimize or undo your result. This is a key reason the whole “eat less, exercise more” paradigm can’t work.

This is compounded by the fact that cortisol makes us crave sugary, salty, and fatty foods which can lead to overeating. This, in turn, causes you to release excess amounts of insulin, and you end up in a downward spiral toward packing on the fat.

jump start your metabolic system to lose weightSo, the trick is to exercise in a way that releases enough cortisol, but not too much, and releases hormones like human growth hormone, testosterone, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and compounds like lactic acid along with the cortisol. When all those things come together, they enhance cortisol’s positive effects and blunt cortisol’s negative effects.

Now you’re on the positive upward spiral toward fat-burning nirvana.

What does this exercise look like?

Well, from a metabolic perspective it elicits what I call the Goldilocks Effect on cortisol: Not too much cortisol, not too little cortisol, but just the right amount to stimulate fat burning right around the middle.

And one thing is for sure: Those endless bouts of cardio on the treadmill—forget about it. That stuff will seriously stress out your body.

What we’re looking for is an exercise that is akin to chopping wood, pushing a heavy wheelbarrow up a hill, climbing a rope, or playing tug of war.

If you’ve ever done these kinds of activities you may have noticed that they instigate a very unique metabolic response, one you can feel all over your body. They generate what I call the B’s and the H’s— breathless, burning, heavy, and heat.

With the right kind of exercise your muscles will be burning, you’ll be sweating, you’ll be breathing hard, and you’ll feel the straining effect in your muscles all at the same time.

And because it’s so intense, you cannot do it for long. It’s just impossible. It’s not like jogging next to your friend for an hour and talking the whole time or just repping out a bunch of sit-ups. This type of very intense exercise will force you to rest within about one to three minutes if not sooner.

If you’ve ever chopped wood or shoveled snow, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t do it continuously. You chop or shovel for a little while, then you get so tired you have to rest and recover. After you’re recovered you do more.

This type of short, intelligent, directed exercise that gets you breathless, makes your body burn, gets you hot and sweaty, and makes your muscles strain, all at the same time provides you a way to burn calories and move your hormones in the right direction to specifically attack insulin and cortisol, which are the cause of belly fat.

Obviously, this is very different than what most people do so you may be asking yourself, “What kind of workout will give me short, intense bursts of activity with plenty of rest in between?”

That’s where Metabolic Prime comes in.

I’ve designed this program— strategically sequencing the exercise routines—so that it sets off a specific cascade of hormonal events. Not too much of certain hormones, not too little of certain hormones, but just right so you burn calories during the workout and elicit the metabolic aftershock when the workout is done.

That means you keep burning fat, keep burning calories, and keep rebalancing your hormones for up to 72 hours AFTER your workout is over.

You can achieve these effects working out only 15 minutes 3 times a week. In fact, doing more than this can, in some people, create negative stress on the body as noted above.

These short, intense routines where you will literally “push until can’t, rest until you can” will have you experiencing the Bs and Hs—breathless, burning, heavy, heat—in no time.

And it’s all done without weights. A lot of people say you have to use weights to get that straining and burning effect. But the truth of the matter is, you don’t. You can get the B’s and H’s without any weight at all.

That means Metabolic Prime is one of the most convenient workouts as well.

When it comes to exercise harder isn’t better. Smarter is better. Metabolic Prime is simply a more intelligent exercise system than most on the market.

So, to get the fat-burning, hormone-balancing, metabolic-reconditioning exercise you need all you have to do is to start the workouts and follow along. To learn more about how to work metabolically smarter with this method, learn more here.

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