Lose Weight With Relaxation


What? Relaxation For Your Metabolic System Helps You Burn Fat

Have you ever thought that you need relaxation for your metabolic system? Weird, right? Relaxation is an important part of the formula for burning fat.


Dr. Teta explains why relaxation for your metabolic system is so important in burning fat..



The last piece of our fat-burning lifestyle is learning how to relax. Relaxation is absolutely essential, and it may actually be more impactful than either diet or exercise alone because it influences your motivation to exercise and your ability to stay on a diet.

Most people dismiss the importance of relaxation in today’s world. They tell themselves they are simply too busy to take some time out, relax, and chill.

If you’re committed to burning off that slab of fat on your belly, you need to seriously rethink this position. Relaxation isn’t optional if you want to burn fat. It’s mandatory.

That’s why I refer to the relaxation techniques I recommend as R&R workouts. It may seem weird to consider rest and relaxation a workout, but it is every bit as important as your exercise routine and it helps you burn serious amounts of fat.

So I want you to take your R&R time as seriously as your workout routine from here on out.

My number one recommendation for relaxation is simply going for a walk. And I am not talking about power walking. I’m talking about leisurely, slow-paced walking, ideally outdoors where you can look around at nature, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy yourself.

I love recommending walking as your primary R&R workout for several reasons:

  1. Walking is one of the only forms of activity or movement that lowers cortisol.
  2. Inactivity may be the biggest risk factor of all for chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, and research suggests that just getting out and moving more is likely more important than exercise for long-term health.
  3. Taking a walk allows you to increase your daily movement without stressing out your body further.

One of the best times to walk is right after you work out. This is ideal, because going for a walk is a great way to cool down and it brings down the elevated cortisol levels you experience during a workout. I suggest you try to take a 30- to 60-minute walk immediately after your exercise routine. Consider it the R&R part of your workout.

But don’t stop there. In general I believe we could all afford to add more relaxation time to our lives. So make time to do the things you love that relax and nourish you. This could include anything that reduces your stress hormones. The options are limitless, and it’s really up to you to find what relaxes you. But here are some examples:

· Hiking

· Gardening

· Sitting in the garden

· Playing with an animal

· Making love

· Sitting quietly in the sun

· Yoga

· Tai chi

· Qigong

· Meditating

· Getting a massage

· Taking a sauna (far infrared highly recommended)

jump start your metabolic system to lose weightOne caveat here is TV. Research actually shows that TV is only relaxing in the short run. Too much can actually stress the body. This is why, after 10 minutes or so of watching TV, you might feel a little bit regenerated. But after an hour or two you feel zapped.

So be very careful with using TV for your relaxation time. If you do choose to watch TV I suggest watching something funny. Laughter has been shown to lower cortisol levels.

Nice To Hear That Relaxation Is Necessary

I don’t know about you, but having Dr. Teta give the okay and actually tell me that relaxation is necessary, sort of helps me to make it more a priority than I have. It is a good thing and learning how to relax is an ongoing process for most of us, I think. Relaxation for your metabolic system is just plain healthy for you and can actually help you in burning fat.


For more detailed information, Dr. Teta explains his program here.


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