Lose Weight With Chia Seeds


Lose Weight With Chia Seeds?

Can you lose weight with chia seeds?  First off, what in the heck are chia seeds?  If you are a bit older, you’ll remember the little chia pets that you watered and they grew “hair.”  Same chia seeds, but looks like we should have been eating them.  Chia seed come from the Chia plant, which is a member of the mint family of plants. They do taste like mint though.  Actually, they don’t have a lot of taste.  They have a slightly nutty flavor.  If you mix them in water into  a gel, they don’t have any taste at all.  That is what might help you to lose weight chia seeds.

Lose Weight With Chia Seeds By Mixing Into Gel

To lose weight with chia seeds, you may have better luck mixing them in water to get that gel, then you can add the gel to creamy type foods like yogurt, gravy cooked cereals, etc.  More on that later.  A study done with a small group of people, half using 25 grams of seeds and the other group the placebo group, they did not find any weight loss differences, but the study was small and limited, so no official answer can be touted.  The benefits of chia go past weight loss, but keep reading as there is a way that many people say has helped them lose weight with chia seeds and it involves the gel mentioned above, which was not part of the study.

They are a  healthy addition to your diet.  They have a high nutritional value.  The fat that is in them is predominantly omega-3 fatty acid, which is extremely important to many functions in the body and if you aren’t a big fish eater, these can help you get the necessary omega 3’s.  They also have a lot of fiber as well as various other vitamins and minerals.  They can be added to just about anything, salads, cereals, eggs, shakes, smoothies, yogurt, desserts, gravies, etc.

There are a few things that make sense as far as chia seeds helping in the weight loss process.  For no other reason, chia seeds have a  great nutritional value, which is going to help your health and anything that helps your health usually helps your energy.  This energy can help you follow through on your exercise plan, which in turn can help you lose weight.  Chia seeds are also very high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, soluble and insoluble fiber and antioxidants as mentioned above.  Fiber will help you keep your digestive tract clean, which in turn will help you absorb vital nutrients better, which in turn, will decrease cravings because your body can absorb the vital nutrients it needs.  Also, fiber gives you a sense of fullness and you will generally eat less.  These things can help in the process of losing weight.

Chocolate Mousse With Chia Seeds

Blueberry Pancakes With Chia Seeds

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Changing Your Seeds To Gel Form

To increase the likelihood that you can lose weight with chia seeds, you might want to use chia seeds in gel form.  This hasn’t been part of any studies as of yet.  Chia seeds soak up water.  If you mix one part chia seeds with nine parts water and leave it for about fifteen minutes or even less, they will create a gel like form.  In this form, it has very little taste, but still has all its nutrients.   It is more filling and in its gel form it helps to slow down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the system.  This will help keep your blood sugar more level and you satisfied longer.

To Lose Weight With Chia Seeds, You Still Have To Be Following The Old Standard For Effective And Lasting Weight Loss

If you are wanting to lose weight with chia seeds, they might make a good addition, but there are no magic shortcuts to lasting weight loss.  Amongst all the discoveries and fads out there, there is the old standard that still remains  strong and true, a healthy diet and exercise are keys to successful weight management.  To lose weight with chia seeds will still require the rest of your diet to be healthy and for you to have some form of exercise.


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