Lose Weight Fast With Proven Method


Is there a safe way to lose weight fast with proven method?

Everyone wants to lose weight fast with a proven method, right?  But does such a method even exist?  Being a RN for over 28 years, I have some definite opinions about what is a healthy way to lose weight and what is not.

I have never been a big fan of most diets and probably even more so those that say you can lose weight fast.  I have been focused the last few years, as a nurse, with helping people understand the importance of good nutrition to overall health and healthy weight management.  Most “diets” don’t take into account the need for balanced nutrition.  That’s why I love Herbalife for cellular nutrition.

Lose weight fast with proven methodWell, you say that the goal of the diet is to lose weight, so a few weeks of decreased nutrition is not a big deal.  But, I beg to differ.  What happens when you put yourself through this diet, eating who knows what and you lose weight … but then you do nothing to follow up that weight loss with a plan that will keep the weight off?

It is not all about weight either, in my opinion.  It is about feeling good and being as healthy as possible.  Controlling your weight is just part of it.

There are many reasons that a person can have trouble losing weight that doesn’t relate directly to food intake or metabolism,etc.  Majority of diets don’t address this fact either.

lose weight fast with proven methodAll that being said, there is a diet that I do find interesting, which is called the 3 week diet.  Losing weight fast can be safe if done right according to physician and consultant for a very popular TV show that helps people lose weight fast and safely.  It is a step by step approach that combines foods, offers eating times that are strategic and combine it with a little bit of exercise.  The plan is quite popular because it works.

Whether you lose weight fast with a proven method or lose weight slow, I still believe that you need a long term plan as well that you can follow.  One that fits your individual lifestyle.  If you want to lose weight fast with a proven method and wish to learn more about the 3 week diet, click here.


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