Lose A Few Pounds


Five Tips To Help You Lose A Few Pounds

With summer approaching, would you like to lose a few pounds to fit in those summer clothes? Best to plan ahead and not try to drop several pounds quick. It is too tempting for many to just cut their calories too much or just dive into this strenuous workout routine in order to lose weight fast.

Here are five tried and true tips to lose weight fast enough, let’s say a pound a week.

  • Get Started. A good plan is great, but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t get started on it. Start slow, ease into your plan if you need to, but get started. Take a short walk or cut back on a particular food that you know is causing weight gain.
  • Plan in steps. Changing your habit patterns can be overwhelming if you try to tackle them all at once. Know what needs to change, then pick one thing at a time to work on.
  • Be deliberate. We can get a burst of motivation that causes us to load too much on our plate with eating right and exercise, which can cause us to get overwhelmed, then end up quitting. Be deliberate at a steady comfortable pace. You can implement and change your plan as you go along to accommodate you feeling better or getting stronger.
  • Once a week is enough Don’t get obsessed with weighing yourself every day. Generally, once a week is enough. Weight can fluctuate for variety of reasons, so if you are weighing daily, it may not be a good indicator of your overall progress. Be sure to take your measurements at the beginning too. Your weight and measurements can take turns, so to speak, in shrinking as you are working your plan. Also, have goals with your diet choices and maybe the repetitions in your exercise program. As you are working your plan, these are worthwhile goals to feel successful about too.
  • Log it. It is helpful to log what your are eating and what exercise you are getting each day. If you don’t write it down, it is easy to forget the handful of this or that throughout the day or the walk you took getting from office to office, for example. Write it down, so you can track your successes and things you’d like to improve upo

Lose a few pounds by summer using these tips, but keep the good health habits going to help you feel better and maintain your weight goals.


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