Learning About This Metabolic Hormone Can Help You Lose Weight


This Metabolic Hormone Can Help You Lose Weight Or Gain Weight

Keeping this in check, this metabolic hormone can help you lose weight, but research implies that 70% of you reading this have low levels of your #1 metabolic hormone. And because of that, it puts the brakes on fat burning. It forces your body to store fat instead.

To make matters worse, you may be cutting calories more and more plus exercising like crazy because you can’t seem to lose weight. The problem with that scenario is it actually can decrease this #1 metabolic hormone even further.

To complicate all that, the difference between too much of this hormone, too little and just the right amount for your body is less than what you could fit on the head of a pin. That tiny amount of difference can in itself determine whether your body stays tight and trim or stays soft and flabby.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn about an all natural way to get the right balance of this powerful metabolic hormone, so you can shift your body into fat burning mode and even stay there.

Your #1 Master Metabolic Hormone…

metabolic hormone can help you lose weightThis master metabolic hormone is your thyroid hormone. It is the main controller of metabolism. It is ultimately responsible for whether you’ll burn fat like there’s no tomorrow or store it up in jiggly fat cells for tomorrow.

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck. The hormones it produces go out and instruct your cells to wake up and burn fuel for energy.

If you don’t have the right amount going out, then your cells don’t burn enough fuel, which means the fuel gets packed away as fat. And the less energy you burn, the more fat you gain. This is a key part of the complicated hormonal process known as “metabolism.”

70% Suffer from Low Levels of This Hormone…

According to Dr. David Brownstein, one of the world’s leading thyroid experts, up to 70% of us suffer from low thyroid, or hypothyroidism. The unfortunate thing is thought that many people don’t even know they have this problem. So they work out harder, eat less and go to other drastic extremes to lose weight, only to find their weight actually increases!

This problem is made worse because even the slightest dip in thyroid can cause “minor” symptoms… like weight gain, low energy, poor mood. And these symptoms can be mistakenly attributed to other causes very easily. This allows thyroid problems to fly under the radar and even cause most conventionally-trained doctors to completely miss the problem.

There are certain exercise combinations done in short session bursts that activate this metabolic hormone that can help you lose weight. This is a program that only takes 45 minutes a week, broken down into 3 fifteen minute workouts, 3 days a week. It is an inexpensive way to help bring health back to your metabolism. Improving the balance of this metabolic hormone can help you lose weight.

Get more detailed information here on how this works and whether it may be for you and start right now in improving health and losing the weight you want.


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