Lasting Weight Loss Success Stories


Lasting Weight Loss Success Stories Abound

With The Jon Gabriel Method-Can It Work For You?

If you want to have lasting weight loss success stories, you have to have a lifestyle plan, not a typical “diet.”  The typical diet will not produce lasting weight loss unless the habits that caused the weight gain are addressed.  People can lose the weight with a “diet,” but then, if you stop the diet and go back to what caused the weight gain in the first place, then it will all come back.

I like the Jon Gabriel Method and its lasting weight loss success stories because it encompasses the many reasons people tend to hold onto weight and provides a solution that can help tackle the causes, which are not always just food.  Below are some lasting weight loss success stories.

“I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness.”


It makes sense!!! After only a month I’ve noticed a significant change in my moods and it’s helping with my chronic musculoskeletal pain (Tension Myositis Syndrome) and my migraines are not as painful and less frequent. I started at 178 lbs but have not weighed myself since. I took Jon’s advice and put the scale away for now. For me it’s about feeling better – the weight loss is just a bonus!!!! My husband Brian has enjoyed this process as well. Now, Brian understands what he is doing and more importantly WHY. The selling point: No Deprivation. I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness. Thank you Jon and the Gabriel Method Team. You are changing the world. God Bless You!

“I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed…”

Vinny I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m on track to a new beginning, had about 30 pounds to lose to get back to a lean body. Nothing has worked till now. It’s been easy, effective and it’s also having an effect on my alcohol consumption. I just don’t crave it like I used to. Though I still enjoy good wine, I just don’t drink as much because my body doesn’t want it and I don’t feel the need for the stimulation. This is having an effect on my weight too and it’s being done totally naturally. I give my body what it wants and if it doesn’t crave something I don’t give it that and it’s an amazing transformation I’m going through. I don’t crave the same foods I used to and when I eat, whatever it is, I have a spot inside that becomes full before my stomach really feels it and I can stop eating, take a break even, and I’ve never been like that. This is easy and I feel fantastic. I love to walk and have done so for a long time, I’m really enjoying that even more now as I listen to the audio’s in this package (do wish I had more audio though as I’ve listened and listened over and over to what I have). The pounds are not coming off ”fast”, they’re coming off slowly but very naturally and easily. I’m really starting to look different, leaner, and I’m keeping off the scale for a few more weeks. It doesn’t matter what the scale says, I look better and know I will continue to look better and better because I’m not dieting, not fighting in a battle to limit food intake and I can tell my body is ”working right”, like lean people I now. My fat programs are turned off. The difference in the way I feel is SO AMAZING.

“I lost 61 kg … your books’ secrets changed me and my life”

Jax Johnston Weight Loss: 61 kg (134 lbs) I got it and I did it with your book!! I am an advocate of your method!! I bought a second copy for my friend.  I lost 61 kg through no effort at all; just time and your books’ secrets changed me and my life. In my life I have been at my heaviest, 117kg.  I am only 5’2. I started putting on weight at 13. The last time I was this weight was 13 so I am a 44 year old woman with a new toy … me never truly knowing how I looked thin! Now on a new daily discovery I find how fantastic my body truly is!! I am now 54 kg yay… People call me tiny- skinny- how would I know what it’s like to be fat haaa they say!! I laugh and say well let me show you there is an easy way. I was always a fatty and now I am considered slim and tiny. I still chuckle at that sound…….. Now too mentally change my saggy skin and it’s slowly working I believe haaaa… Thank you Jon merry xmas.

“I have changed inside!”

Lou Anne Jordan Weight Loss 12 kg (27 lbs) So far, I’ve lost 27 lbs and only have 100 more to go! :-D and I feel it is going so well because of what I’ve learned from the book and from the Weight loss summit (I purchased the digital recordings) and all the great free recipes and affirmations etc, that you guys share all the time. The tools I’ve learned are really helping me change my way of thinking and I know this time I am going to finally drop this weight I have been holding on to for so long… because I have changed inside!

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