Jump Start Your Metabolic System To Lose Weight


Can Metabolic Prime Help You Jump Start Your Metabolic System To Lose Weight And Feel Great?

We wanted to know if this new Metabolic Prime program could really help jump start your metabolic system to lose weight and strengthen your body overall.  It’s main focus is on short exercise bursts that cause the “re-awakening” if you will of certain molecules in your body and DNA.

Meet the MPA’s or metabolic priming activator molecules that are in your body.  After about age 35, these molecules often decrease and may even become dormant.  Metabolic Prime’s specific exercise routines help to reawaken these molecules.  As I hinted to above, the exercise sessions are short.  It requires 15 minutes three times a week.  Some people may want to spend hours at the gym, but we liked that we could give our body what we needed in less time.  Here are the MPA’s.

MPA #1: IL-15 – The Holy Grail of Body-Shaping IL-15 literally burns fat and enhances muscle and bone density at the same time. This molecule kind of gets sedentary getting ineffective in your dormant DNA, but with these specially designed metabolic prime exercise bursts, it re-energies it.
MPA #2: Nitric Oxide – The Surge Commander Nitric Oxide tends to decrease with age, but with this program, it helps to generate this with the exercises and its effects are to reopen your closing blood vessels so your circulation is improved to every vital organ. It will improve your stamina as well.
MPA #3: Lactic Acid – The Youth-Hormone Activator Lactic Acid signals the male brain to secrete more hardening and strengthening testosterone…and in the ladies, more of the fat-burning, age-defying, feel-good HGH!
MPA #4: IL-6 – The Fat Cell Liberator IL-6 is transformed by micro-burst training from a deadly inflammatory molecule into a fat cell liberator…releasing your stored fat on contact so your body can burn it for fuel!
MPA #5: IL-8 – The Blood Vessel Savior IL-8 is responsible for resurrecting and creating new blood vessels. That leads to more lean muscle, more life-giving oxygen and greater nutrient distribution throughout your body!

Metabolic Prime Creatormetabolic prime review

Now that we knew a little bit about what the Metabolic Prime program does for us, we turned to who created this program.   We discovered that Dr. Jade Teta, a naturopathic physician and personal trainer for over 25 years put this product together.  It is a complete program to help jump start your metabolic system to lose weight, which includes the exercise videos plus an eating plan with recipes provided to go along with it.  You don’t have to use it to lose weight, but it available.  Plus he added some other bonus items as you can see.    You can get more information by checking Dr. Teta’s information page.


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Not Only Can It Jump Start Your Metabolic System To Lose Weight But …

Metabolic Prime can jump start your metabolic system to lose weight, but with its re-activation of these MPA molecules, it can help slow down aging, build muscle, give you more energy and reshape your body.  It can help your thyroid and other organs function better as well.   It helps to decreasing overall inflammation in your body, which usually increases with age.

The things we liked about Metabolic Prime

  • It only requires three 15 minute exercise sessions.
  • Meal plan provided, but is optional.
  • See results quicker than many traditional exercise regimens.
  • Has other health benefits.
  • There are 4 phases each building on the other.
  • Very affordable.
  • Money back guarantee.

The things we didn’t like, at least potentially

  • With all the things out there that don’t seem to work that well, it seems like people still may not want to give this one a try.  Of course, with the money back guarantee, why not?  Dr. Teta has trained a lot of people with many celebrities seeking him out.  He must be doing something right.
  • This program is mainly for folks over 35 because of the metabolic system reactivation, which is awesome, but even though the exercises are simple movements, if you have certain severe disabilities or health challenges, the exercises may be difficult for you. That being said though, most of them can be altered to fit most needs.  He also stresses that it is okay to rest during your exercise routine if you need to.  If you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Jade Teta or try the program risk free with his money back guarantee.Money Back Guarantee

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So, Can You Jump Start Your Metabolic System To Lose Weight With Metabolic Prime?

That brings us to the big questions whether you can jump start your metabolic system to lose weight with this Metabolic Prime program.   You have to take in account that everyone is a bit different on how they use any plan, which of course can affect their results.  Sometimes different body types respond better to one particular program or another.  That being said though, the foundation of this program is very good.  Still, I wanted to try it.

I really enjoy the exercise videos as he is takes you through them with confidence and professionalism.  It is nice that you can rest if you need to.  Yes, but what about the results, you might ask?  I am only finishing up phase I, but have been pleased so far.  I am a bit surprised that I already feel my pants are loser and tummy feels a little bit firmer.  Best of all, I’ve only had to exercise 15 minutes three times a week to accomplish that.

If you’d like to get started with this program or just get more information before you decide, click the link below to jump start your metabolic system to lose weight.

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