Herbalife Shakes As A Meal Replacement


Herbalife Shakes As A Meal Replacement

Using a Herbalife shake as a meal replacement is somewhat like eating 2,000 calories of the most properly balanced meal with the ingredients, protein and amino acids that fulfill the needs of your body’s cells, except it is only 170 calories (when used with milk) AND except, that it would actually be impossible for the average person to put together this correct combination of ingredients to match the carefully blended nutritional shake mix from Herbalife. It is only by the knowledge and skill of the world renowned physicians who work with Herbalife that brings forth this excellent Herbalife shake as a meal replacement.

Renowned Physicians Know What To Put Into Herbalife Shakes So They Make The Most Effective Meal Replacement

To use Herbalife shakes as a meal replacement helps to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrition your body cells’ need.  These physicians are world renowned and know the exact amount of each nutrient our body needs and what nutrient needs to be present with another in order to absorb properly into our body cells. These physicians such as Dr. Heber, who is Director for The Center of Human Nutrition at UCLA and Dr Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, for his research into nitrous oxide, which is part of his Niteworks product for your heart health. These are just a couple of the physicians who are working so diligently to develop products of the highest quality and certainly the Herbalife shake used as a meal replacement is one of them. This is evident by the results people are getting from using the shake, both for foundational nutrition as well as for weight loss.

Testimony Related To Using Herbalife Shakes As A Meal Replacement

There is testimony after testimony as lives are changing from putting into their bodies, this high quality meal replacement shake. I suffered for over 5 years with chronic Lyme’s disease, which was destroying all my body systems. I tried a lot of heavy duty pharmaceuticals as well as a variety of nutritional products, some very well known, promoted by famous people, but nothing helped me to feel better. That is until I started Herbalife’s

Easy to make Herbalife shake as a meal replacement.

Click on image of Angus to watch how easy they are to make and Angus loves them too.

 nutritional shake. I had more energy that day, then I probably had in most of the 5 years put together. In about 3 weeks, my pain was gone. Needless to say, I have been drinking to my health with the Herbalife shake every day, which I use for my breakfast meal and sometimes another meal just because they are quick and easy and quite tasty.

Many Flavor Variations With Herbalife Shakes

I don’t know how those doctors and research people managed to get such high quality nutrition in this mix and make it tasty to boot, but they did. Plus there are so many different minor alterations you can do to just change the flavor ever so slightly. That is probably why those using them for weight loss can drink them twice a day as they are losing weight and not tire of one particular flavor. Besides, they have several flavors to have. They have Vanilla, which is good to start with as you can do so many things with that flavor, including fruit or even making it with fruit juice instead of milk. They also have café latte, which is a favorite of many, as well as chocolate, wild berry, cookies and cream, seasonal orange creamsicle and for the holidays, pumpkin spice. The cost is $36.15 for a large canister, which makes 30 shakes. Even when you add shipping and handling, milk or juice, it still comes out to about $2 a meal.

Low cost, high quality meal replacement shakes from Herbalife returned my health after suffering for 5 years so yes, I love Herbalife. It is hard to get all our needed nutrition each day even when we make a conscious effort. I am so thankful for the professionals who work so diligently to figure that out for us and make it so tasty in a nutritional shake. If you’d like to try them or have questions, feel free to contact me. If you’d like to save even more you can sign up to be a Herbalife member and get your shake meals for $1-1.50 for your total meal.


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