Getting Fat Watching TV?


Are We Getting Fat Watching TV?  Or Is It Really More Related To Something Else?  

Are we really getting fat watching TV or is more related to the underlying reason we tend to snack too much while watching TV.  Seems like many of us have that habit of automatically grabbing some snacks before we plop down on the couch.  But why do we do that?  Are we just conditioned or are we stressed out and want to take our mind off the happenings of the day and eat some comfort food ?  Of course, even if you didn’t snack in front of the television, but you watched television all day or sat at a desk all day, then came home and sat all night, this could still be problematic.

Certainly, watching television can contribute to weight gain if it includes a sedentary lifestyle.  Then adding too much snacking while doing so, it can contribute.

Did you know though that you actually burn some calories while watching your favorite shows?  It is estimated based on your height, weight, age, gender, muscle to fat ratio and general metabolic rate, you will burn  75-150 calories an hour.  This happens from the effort of keeping your body upright and all your involuntary work going on such as breathing, digesting foods, your heart pumping, brain thinking. 

When we sit for long periods, particularly on a daily basis, changes in the way the body stores fat and sugar occurs.  This can not only put on extra pounds, but also can contribute to a variety of other negative health changes.

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It is very important to get exercise for many reasons.  Unfortunately, many folks have jobs that don’t provide much activity and I’d go out on a limb to say that most of us watch too much television.

Don’t want to give up your television time, but want to be healthier?  Try These …

If you like to snack in front of the television, choose wisely.  Maybe limit to one snack.  If you are truly hungry past that, then have a list of low calorie snacks that you can choose from, but that doesn’t mean you can snack on everything on the list, just one other, if you must.

Get in the habit of doing other things in front of the screen such as:

    • stretching
    • deep relaxing breathing for approximately 20 seconds, like during commercials
    • Lift weights
    • Use exercise bands
    • Walk on the treadmill
    • Pedal stationary bike
    • Try the awesome Fit Desk.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

For those folks who work from home, sitting at a desk most of the time, the Fit Desk could be set up in your office area.  Some of you may even be able to set one up at your place of employment.  Check with your boss.  Pretty nifty.

The point is, watching television makes you fat when you typically live a sedentary lifestyle and of course eat more calories than you need.  Try associating television with doing even some light exercise while watching or even do the exercise repetitions during commercials.  By so doing, you also may be less likely to snack too much.


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