Eating Less And Exercising More May Not Help You In Losing Weight!


You Hear It All The Time, But Will Eating Less and Exercising More Really Help You In Losing Weight?

Even our doctors tell us that eating less and exercising more is the answer to losing weight.  Well, I bet I could ask the question whether eating less and exercising more has worked for you?  So many people that I have come across have been on several diets over the years with the premise that eating less and exercising more will help them in losing weight.

The problem is that it is a simple “catch phrase” answer that even medical professionals use, but it often is too simple an answer for a sometimes complex situation.  For some situations, it might work, but everyone has different variables and you have to take into account nutrition, hormones and lifestyles.

The truth is that just eating less and exercising more is not the best weight loss advice. In fact, it doesn’t take in account your body science.

This advice doesn’t take into account your body’s hormones, which have a major impact on whether you are fat or thin.

So in reality, you can be very faithful in eating less and exercising more, but still not lose weight if you don’t work with your body hormones.  Your hormones regulate how your body handles certain calories.  Our bodies don’t treat calories all the same.   In fact, there are certain calories that make you fat, other calories that prevent you from burning fat and there are a few really good calories that actually force your body to burn fat.

The 3 Week Diet

The key to weight loss is not counting calories — this should be evident by the obesity problem we have here in the U.S. Losing weight has much more to do with eliminating the bad calories while increasing the good calories, using a strategic system that takes into account how your body’s hormones allow it to process those nutrients.

In other words, I’m saying that your failure to lose weight in the past has not been your fault. Instead, it’s a case where you have not been given the correct weight loss system.

To correct this unfortunate circumstance, someone has created a new weight loss program that takes hormones into consideration, and gives you a step-by-step approach to losing weight fast and keeping it off.

This program is called The 3 Week Diet, and if you follow it you can lose up to 23 pounds in just 21 days.

Here’s why this program works so well so fast:

  • It does away with the “eat less and exercise more” paradigm for good. Instead, you eat essential nutrients that your body needs for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating all those nutrients that slow or even stop you from burning fat. The program also utilizes several supplements that, in combination with the diet, helps users recruit body fat to be burned for fuel, maintain their lean body mass and increase their metabolism. It corrects the bad diet information that is so prevalent in other programs. This has become a real problem in recent years.
  • It eliminates cellular inflammation, which is actually a leading cause of weight gain. The truth is, if we can take control of cellular inflammation, we can effectively increase our ability to lose weight, burn fat, increase metabolism and keep body fat from ever coming back. In addition to this, by taking control of cellular inflammation, you can live a healthier and longer life.
  • It produces results fast. Fast results keep you motivated. In the first week alone, your clothes will be looser, you will feel lighter and you’ll feel 10 times better.
  • It is easy to follow. Again and again it’s been shown that strict, difficult to follow plans don’t work. You need a simple, easy-to-follow plan that makes losing weight a step-by-step breeze.

To learn much more about The 3 Week Diet and how it can help you lose 12–23 pounds in just 21 days, click here.


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