Eat Less Without Noticing Much


How To Eat Less Without Noticing Much

This is a good thing for most of us to know how to eat less without noticing much.  Even we eat healthy foods, we still have to control our portion sizes if we are trying to keep our calories in check.  This all starts at the grocery store, making sure we are choosing the right foods.  Once we get our groceries home, however, then we can shave off some more calories by these tips on how to eat less without noticing much.

Many of these ideas are related to the size of your dishes and containers.  Here are some tips on how you can eat less without noticing much.

How To Eat Less

Since the amount of food you’re likely to eat is usually determined by how much food is actually in your bowl or on your plate, it makes sense to step back and look at what you are serving the food on as this can make a difference on how much you eat.

  •    Size of the serving container

Whether you serve yourself soup, nuts or chips, if you use a large container, you will likely fill it.  So, it makes sense if you serve food in a smaller container, you will eat less.  It will still be full and appear to be a full serving, but it will obviously be less food.

  •   Size of the utensils

You will even serve yourself more if using a large serving spoon than from a smaller one.  It will make a difference how much gets put on your plate.

  •  Size of the plate

When you use a smaller plate, it looks as if it holds more food, which means your eyes are telling you that this plate of food will be more filling.  So if you’re trying to cut calories by cutting portion sizes, trim the size of your plate too.

  •   Height and width of drinking glasses

If you’re trying to curb your intake of liquid calories, consider the size and shape of the glass you use.  Tall skinny glasses appear to hold much more than short, wide ones, which fools your eyes into thinking that your stomach will be getting more.

  •   Plating up in the kitchen instead of at the table

Serving food family style makes it easy for everyone to help themselves … which is precisely why it’s not such a good idea if you’re trying to control portions.  With serving dishes on the table, it’s just too easy to have “just another spoonful”.  Instead, portion out your meal in the kitchen.  The only serving dishes you should keep on the table are those holding  low-calorie veggies and salads.

  •   Plate color

The color of your plate can affect your ability to visualize how much you’re eating. When there’s a large contrast between the color of the food and the color of the plate, it’s easier to visualize the portion, which makes it easier to control how much you are eating.

  •   Finally, you’re likely to eat less if you think about the foods you eat first

Many people eat up the high calorie foods first, but if you start with the salads and vegetables, you will curb the intense hunger with low calorie foods and leave less hunger for scarfing down the high calorie foods.




Small But Useful Tips to Eat Less Without Noticing Much

These are small subtle tips, but they can help you eat less without noticing much.  And that’s the best way, in my opinion, when you are trying to watch calories.  Hope you found them helpful.


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