Depression Causing Weight Gain


Is Your Depression Causing Weight Gain?

Could it be that there is depression causing weight gain for you?  Or maybe it is weight gain causing depression?  Unfortunately, oftentimes, these go together and kind of create a vicious cycle.  Of course, there are others who do the opposite, losing unhealthy amounts of weight when suffering from depression.  The challenge with depression and weight gain are that they can be complex.  There can be reasons that certain habits were adopted.  This is especially true in the depression causing weight gain scenario.

Back in 2009, University of Alabama researchers reported that depression causing weight gain happened quicker with people who were depressed as opposed those who weren’t.   When we are feeling some depression and even just stressed or tired, we tend to go for “comfort foods.”  Those foods generally have high sugar or fat.  They actually can change are body chemistry, making us feel good.  It doesn’t last long, however, and yep, you guessed it, we go back for seconds or thirds.  If we do this once in a while, no problem, but if we are doing this consistently, it will likely put on unwanted pounds.  This adds to our depression, but now we are in a vicious cycle that is difficult to get out of.  If that’s you, you may find this book helpful to getting out.  depression caused weight gain It is written by a psychiatrist, James Gordon, MD.  It is Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey out of Depression.

If you are suffering with depression, it is important to get that under control.  If you find a great diet and lose a bunch of weight, it may help with your depression if your weight gain was the only thing that caused your depression, but for many where depression caused the weight gain, any lost weight will likely come back without tackling the causative factor.  If you have identified emotional reasons why you eat as opposed to eating because your hungry, then each one of those needs to be addressed.

Coming out of depression can take time and persistence.  It may include medications or counseling.  One of the best depression treatments though is exercise.  Even light exercise can be helpful.  This produces “feel good” chemicals in your body as well.  It may be hard at first to get going on an exercise plan.  Just start with an easy walk or maybe an exercise bike while watching TV or arm curls while your sitting at the table.  Finding an activity or sport you like can help a lot.  You can even do this in the comfort of your home with the Wii games available.  There are many to choose from and people of all fitness levels can find a fun way to exercise.  Start with whatever you can get yourself to do, then move on from there.

Exercise For Depression Caused Weight Gain

If depression caused weight gain, then be sure to care for that issue.  Depression is a huge concern for many people.  You might be surprised at how many people have depression at some degree or another.  For those with severe depression, see your physician for guidance.  Be careful of just going on a diet without understanding what may have led to you being overweight.  For a permanent solution, you want to be sure you are handling the cause of the weight gain, whether it be depression or something else.  Remember exercise is a helpful part of any plan, whether depression caused weight gain or some other reason.