Cutting Calories Too Much


Why Cutting Calories Too Much Can Hurt You

Cutting calories too much can hurt you and your efforts at permanent weight loss. Cutting calories a lot could appear like the fastest method for your weight loss, but there are a lot of excellent reasons why you shouldn’t be cutting your calories too much. I mean who wouldn’t select dropping weight swiftly or dropping weight gradually? The majority of people would quite possibly select a fast solution, which is easy to understand. When you have determined to eliminate excess fat, you merely desire it to be gone and faster is far better. Yet when fast weight loss arises from a radical cutting of calories, it can come with negative consequences. One problem with with cutting calories too much is that its tough to do it for long. It is likely that you will surrender and end up back where you were before, plus with a little more weight. This can leave you disappointed or even a lot more persuaded that you just can’t drop the weight.


How Many Calories Should Be Cut?

The rate at which you are dropping the weight is one means to evaluate whether you are cutting calories too much. As a whole, an acceptable weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds per week. The first 1-2 weeks may be more due to some loss of water weight. There are a few exceptions to this amount of weight loss being the only safe way. That being said though, any safe program needs to furnish your body with the basic nutrition, so your body cells get what they need. Any other faster weight loss program needs strict supervision by a physician. So if you are losing weight faster than this and not part of a proven healthy weight loss program, then you may be losing weight too quickly.


Any healthy weight loss program should focus its foundation on securing enough daily nutrition to provide the nutrients your body cells need. If you can reduce your calories by 500 every day you can shed one pound per week or for 2 pounds per week, 1000 calories daily. You can boost this by melting some calories by burning some off via additional exercise. It can be a combination, such as, maybe decreasing daily calories by 300 and doing some extra daily activity that burns 200 calories, for example. That should allow at least one pound per week to shed.


In order to have adequate calories to get the necessary nourishment your cells demand though, you shouldn’t drop your day-to-day calorie intake below 1200 if you are a women and 1800, if you are a man. It is too difficult to fulfill your nutrition needs below that. These numbers may vary according to your health status, so always worthwhile to talk with your physician if you are not sure.




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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Cutting Calories Too Much

1. It may be tough to fulfill your nutrient requirement your body needs. When you reduce your calorie amount, every calorie has to be nutrient-packed in order for you to fulfill the nutrition level your body requires. Your day-to-day demands for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats needs to be fulfilled, which could be tough to do if your intake of calories is not enough to accomplish this.


2. It could make you feel too hungry all the time. You shouldn’t endure continual cravings while you’re aiming to slim down, yet that typically takes place when you don’t have a sufficient amount of calories. When you are feeling too hungry all the time, every little thing can look alluring and you’re more likely to cheat.


3. Your physical energy drops. It’s vital that you supply your muscular tissues with the energy they require. When you are cutting calories too much, you could lack the energy to exercise, which is so vital for your total wellness and also in order to help fulfill weight loss goals.


4. Your mental energy drops. When you don’t take in adequate calories, your brain doesn’t get the energy it needs, which leaves you really feeling tired and also with a lack of mental clarity. Subsequently, this can result in a desire for unnecessary calories. It can also create a desire to rely too greatly on high levels of caffeine to “keep you going.” That in turn, can worsen your sleep, which sort of complicates this unhealthy cycle.


5. You risk dwindling muscle mass. Your body needs a certain amount of healthy protein to support crucial body functions such as building and preserving your muscle mass. When you don’t consume enough healthy protein, the body will use what you give it for energy or even steal from your existing muscle mass for its energy. This lack of protein doesn’t give the muscles what they need to provide its basic function of building and preserving. Both scenarios can cause a dwindling muscle mass.


6. You won’t establish lasting healthy eating behaviors. I commonly claim that the healthy eating habits and also exercise behaviors that you practice while slimming down are the behaviors that will certainly aid you in keeping you at a healthy weight once you’ve obtained it. Cutting calories too much may be tough at times and can be too limiting. It’s not an eating habit you should do for any length of time.


Reduce Where Needed, But Not By Cutting Calories Too Much

When cutting calories too much, it really can throw your body into a survival mode, slowing your metabolism and just be overall unpleasant. You may lose a few pounds initially, but it is not sustainable and not healthy. If you don’t have a long term plan that includes adequate nutrition levels and activity, all will be for naught. Be sure to find a healthy program that can help you with your weight loss goal, but also your desire for effective weight management once you reach your ideal weight.


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