Control Your Weight Hormone Metabolically


Can You Control Your Weight Hormone Metabolically

Controlling your weight hormone is not easy without a plan because it operates with its own agenda. It is trying to help, but oftentimes, it causes women difficulty with losing weight and keeping it off. If you can override this weight hormone metabolically, you can begin controlling your weight hormone and having success with weight loss.

What Makes It So Hard To Control The Weight Hormone?

control your weight hormoneThe “weight” hormone, Leptin, is a protein that’s made in the fat cells, circulates in the bloodstream, and goes to the brain. “Leptin is the way your fat cells tell your brain that your energy thermostat is at the right place.

  1. When people diet, they eat less and their fat cells lose some fat, which then decreases the amount of leptin produced. You get hungrier as your body thinks it is starving.
  2. Leptin levels can keep going higher as people get fatter, but the body develops leptin resistance, similar to insulin resistance, and you get fatter.
  3. In Leptin resistant people, the reward system doesn’t cue the person to stop eating.

Leptin supplements were tried, but because Leptin is made from fat cells and the problem is with the brain not recognizing Leptin, they were found to be ineffective. This “weight” hormone was just discovered in 1994, so there are many who continue to research how we can use this new knowledge to work in order to help people to control the weight hormone metabolically.  Get Rid Of Your Menopausal Belly

How Can We Be Successful With Weight Loss? Has someone figured out a way to use this leptin to our advantage?

There are a few ways you can win the battle of weight loss. Here are 3 tips. Two will come at no surprise.

  1. Be as active as possible by finding something you enjoy. For some, that may be plugging in an exercise tape or going to the gym. For others, it may be taking a walk several times a week or finding a sport you like. The trick is to find something you truly enjoy doing, so you will be consistent.
  2. Along with that exercise, a healthy diet can do wonders for improving your metabolism. Of course, we know that eating healthy is good, but if you have balanced nutrition on daily basis, it has many wonderful rippling effects.
  3. Decrease sugar. Insulin resistance generates leptin resistance. Eating a lot of sugary foods all the time can increase the tendency for insulin resistance. Basically, sugar makes insulin go up.

As always, for any effective weight loss plan, your cells need to be getting the proper nutrition. Getting the right amounts of all the food groups can help with this. Herbalife also has great cellular nutrition shakes that taste good. You don’t have to use them, but it is an easy way to get great nutrition.

If You Control The Weight Hormone Leptin, Is That The Only Hormone That Affects Weight?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no.  Women as they get older have a mix of hormones and it is important to know what hormone type you are at any given time, so you can custom your weight loss plan accordingly.

Check out this free hormone quiz to see what hormone type you are…


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