Burning Fat In Your Body


Burning Fat In Your Body – Both Types

Burning fat in your body starts with knowing both types and their differences.  Visceral fat forms around the organs of your body. Having fat around your vital organs can pose some problems.  It can make your organs work less efficiently and cause you health problems.  You may not even realize how your feeling is related to this visceral fat.  The upside is that it has more blood supply according to Dr. Teta, which can make it more sensitive to fat burning hormones.


When we think of fat, we are generally thinking about the obvious fat that is above our muscles.  This is subcutaneous fat.  We see this fat making our clothes tighter and extending out from a thinner us.  The subcutaneous fat generally has lower blood flow and can be more difficult to get rid of. 

Burning Fat In Your Body Has Some Different Components That Need To Be Addressed

Both types of belly fat are stored when the combination of excess calories meets the hormonal influence of cortisol and insulin. The single biggest influence over the levels of insulin in your body comes from the amount of starchy and sweet foods you eat. The biggest influence over cortisol has to do with your stress levels. There is certainly no shortage of things that can stress any of us out on a regular basis. And that stress can frequently cause overeating to boot.


When we see that we are putting on weight, we might do what we’ve heard we are supposed to like massive amounts of exercise or reduce our calorie or carbohydrate intake too far to hopefully start burning fat in our body.  What frequently happens though is we just add more stress to our body because we’re exercising too much, too often, too frequently, or in the wrong way, or because we have restricted our diet too much.

The basic concept of eating less and exercising more will have an impact on calories. Having that caloric deficit can help burn fat, but one must take into effect the role hormones play in fat burning.  If we don’t, fat loss can be slower and temporary.


In summary …

  1. Burning belly fat is about managing caloric intake AND balancing hormones effectively.
  2. What you eat and how you exercise impact both calories and hormones.
  3. Ab-targeted exercises do NOTHING to help you burn belly fat.
  4. Dieting doesn’t work.
  5. Stress causes you to pack on more belly fat.

These are things you need to be aware of when working on burning fat in your body, including belly fat. Take these things into account when making your plan.  For more information on these concepts and how they can help you, check out Dr. Teta’s metabolic approach.


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