Bedtime Snack When Losing Weight


Can You Ever Have A Bedtime Snack While Losing Weight?

If you want a bedtime snack while losing weight, there are a few things to consider before thinking that is okay.  Here are a few things you need to think about:

  • What do you eat?
  • How much do you eat?
  • Are you eating because you are hungry?
  • Or are you eating because it is just a habit?
  • And, if you don’t eat before you go to sleep, what happens?

Generally, it is not a good idea to eat right before bed, but there are exceptions.  You wouldn’t want a high fat or high calorie snack.  If you need to have a bedtime snack while losing weight, you will want to keep it small, low calorie and easy to digest.


Here are some good reasons for a bedtime snack…

Bedtime Snack While Trying To Gain Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you may not understand that it can be difficult to keep weight on, but some people have trouble getting at healthy weight.  They may not have an appetite or just have a very high metabolism that keeps them an unhealthy thin.  A bedtime snack may be helpful in this situation.

Bedtime Snack Can Be Okay If you Have Planned Your Calories Throughout Day

Foods aren’t any more fattening when they’re eaten at bedtime verses the morning.  If you plan your calories throughout the day, then having a bedtime snack while losing weight will still work if you keep it small and light and don’t exceed your daily calorie goal.

Bedtime Snack To Help With Sleep

It could be that you have found you sleep better when you have a small snack before bed.  It could even help to rebalance your hunger hormones.  Normally, your body’s production of ghrelin (a hormone that increases hunger) is suppressed when you eat, coupled with an increase in the production of leptin – a hormone that tells your body you’re satisfied.  If the balance of the two is off, a light snack might put you back on track.

Bedtime Snack When Have Big Athletic Event The Next Morning

If you’re an endurance athlete, and you’ve got a big athletic event the next day, a high carbohydrate snack before bed is easy to digest, and can help you to top off fuel tank for your morning activity.

Bedtime Snack To Help With Gaining Muscle

If you are strength training to build muscle, your body also needs plenty of protein to adequately bulk up.  The building blocks of protein – amino acids – are what your body uses to build up muscle tissue.  Your body depends on having plenty of amino acids available.  Once your dinner has been digested and absorbed, the amino acid levels in your bloodstream will likely decline during night, which could slow down the muscle building process.  A protein drink or snack  at bedtime can help with gaining muscle by keeping those amino acids circulating.

So, Could You Have A Bedtime Snack While Losing Weight?

Does your situation fit any of things listed above?  If nothing else, if you find a bedtime snack helps you feel better, then you just have to plan for it while deciding what and how much to eat throughout the day.  And be careful with what you eat at night, so it isn’t something that will actually will interfere with your sleep.  Getting good sleep is as important as a bedtime snack while losing weight.


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