Avoid These Things If Wanting To Lose Weight


If Wanting To lose Weight, Avoid These Things

If you were wanting to lose weight, but didn’t want to do things that made this task more difficult, you would want to know, right?  Unfortunately, diet programs are often difficult to have success and keep successful.  Statistics show that in America, the average dieter tries 4-6 diets a year.  No wonder there are so many people still overweight.  Today’s society doesn’t make it easy either with our food supply and the stress the typical person is having to deal with.  It takes a lot to keep wanting to lose weight.

If you are still wanting to lose weight and welcome some tips to help, consider these.


Don’t Limit Calorie Intake Too Much

Limiting calories too much will likely put your body into starvation mode.  Your body has a strong survival instinct with many built in functions to help you.  If your body thinks it is starving, it will slow your metabolism and make it even more difficult to lose weight.  I twill start to shut down in order conserve what nutrients it has because it doesn’t know if and when it will get what it needs going forward.

Limiting calories if you are getting too much for calories used is necessary in most cases to lose weight but, just be careful that you aren’t limiting calories too much.  A general rule of thumb is not to go below 1200 calories for a woman and 1800 for a man.  This is an approximate number, which varies with the individual, but well chosen calories can give your body the nutrition it needs at those numbers and will keep your metabolism running smoother.  You might talk with your physician on just the right amount for you.

The 2 Week Diet

Don’t Skimp On Nutrients
If your body is not getting enough nutrients, it will also tend to slow metabolism and you will feel more sluggish.  On top of that, your body, in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs, will cause you to want to eat more.  Your body is hoping by you eating more it will get the missing nutrients.  If you don’t feed it the nutrition it is craving, then it will continue to tell you that you are hungry.

With those nutrients, be sure to get plenty of protein and fiber as these will fill you up more and your body needs them.  Protein and fiber breaks down slowly and you won’t be as hungry between meals.  With your protein, have some fiber rich fresh fruits or vegetables.  These together will slow digestion the most.

Don’t Make Your Meal Prep Long And Tedious
If you are having to cook involved meal plans that take 45 minutes or a hour every meal, it will likely deter you from sticking to your dietary plan.  Find a plan that works with your lifestyle.

Don’t Just Focus On Your Long Term Goals
Have some long term goals, sure, but you need quick success too in order to keep you motivated.  So, have some short term goals.

Find a diet with a definite deadline. Two to three weeks is optimal because that’s how long it takes to form long-term habits. Two weeks is also a long enough to see good results, but not short enough to stay motivated.

Knowing your plan will only take 2 weeks can really charge you up for lasting success.  This is the basis of the The 2 Week Diet. In many, many cases, the initial transformation is so significant, it provides confident motivation for continued fat burning. Success breeds success.

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