Accelerated Weight Loss Program With A Special Offer


 The Ultimate Package That Can Accelerate Weight Loss

If you are searching for lasting weight loss from a plan that is actually enjoyable, you may want to look into this accelerated weight loss program with a special offer. It follows the writing style of a review done by Jeanne Lee from Money Watch (CBS). She reviewed 8 common diet plans that she titled as the best ways to lose weight. I would like to challenge that by adding to her review how Herbalife compares to those diet plans she reviewed. Then you will have a more comprehensive review and how Herbalife’s accelerated weight loss program with a special offer stacks up to those she reviewed as the “best.”

In this article, the accelerated weight loss program with a special offer refers to their Herbalife’s Ultimate program,

Accelerated weight loss program with a special offer stacks up with the best.

but they also have an Advanced and Quickstart program. Each program also can be tailored to each individual’s needs and concerns.  Each program includes a wellness coach to ensure your success and help with any challenges that might come up.

Accelerated Weight Loss Program With A Special Offer/Herbalife Ultimate Program

Cost:  $300 approximately, which includes shipping/handling/taxes. (Advanced $230 and Quickstart $165 programs also available)

The Skinny:

  • Herbalife has been recognized as a leader in lasting weight management and nutrition since 1980.
  • They sponsor many professional teams all over the world as well as individual athletes.
  • They have over 100 million users.
  • People using the their programs for weight management are able to lose weight more quickly because of the physician formulated cellular nutrition that their products provide. They are developed at The Center For Human Nutrition at UCLA by renowned physicians and scientists as well as the only company to have a Nobel prize recipient on their staff.
  •            1. Some of their recent recognitions include being ranked #3 in     consumer goods (this rating is for all consumer goods, not just vitamin or supplement related things).
  •            2. Their CEO, Michael Johnson, won the choice of the year award beating out other nominees, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
  •            3. They also ranked 35 in Info Week for top technology innovators in the United States. (This includes all corporations and Herbalife is not even in the “technology” industry). Herbalife is high tech though. They have 1 of the 3 machines in the world that can test products to make sure all ingredients are pure. For example: To put this in perspective just how powerful this machine is, if you threw a penny into a pool of water, then took a drop of that water and put it into this machine for analysis, it would be able to detect that there was a penny in the pool.

Does It Work?:  There are 100 million users who say yes! Based on all the knowledge, production and technology put into their products, they produce the highest quality products on the market today. They are designed to give body cells excellent nutrition. People say over and over how good they feel because of the excellent nutrition. It is also easy to follow allowing people to still eat their favorite foods. Where most “diet” plans take away, this program gives. It gives your body excellent nutrition, which often enables the body to improve health conditions, it also allows your favorite foods and can provide you with wonderful energy.

How Much Can You Expect To Lose?:  Many people lose upward of 10-20 pounds per month.

Cost Of Losing 20 Pounds:  $300-600 (This includes shipping/handling/tax) Please note that the nutritious shakes are meal replacements, so they are actually replacing 2 meals a day, so your grocery bill will be substantially less while on this program. Many find they actually save money. For example, let’s say you are replacing breakfast and lunch with a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake. If you normally eat a bowl of cereal, juice and toast for breakfast, that is approximately $3 and for lunch maybe a turkey sandwich, chips and drink, that may be approximately $3. So if you subtract $6 a day over 30 days, that is $180 that should be subtracted from your grocery bill, which would make the program about $120. However, many find they snack less Accelerated weight loss program that can increase metabolismwhile on the program as well, which accounts for over $120 in many cases. It should also be noted that once the body gets awesome nutrition for a month or two, which is allowing it to function better and the enhancing supplements have helped kick in the metabolism, many people can decrease their supplement usage and therefore their total cost.

Cost Per Pound Of Weight Loss:  $15-30 a pound.

Worth the Money?:  Absolutely! As noted, people often end up saving money or coming close, but what sets this program apart are the following:

1. You can feel confident that you are getting the very best nutrition into your body.

2. It is easy to follow and an easy program to maintain once you reach your goal.

3.  There are countless shake flavor variations to keep it interesting.

4. You have access to a wellness coach for FREE while on your program. “A couple of studies have shown that telephone support is just as effective as live support,” says Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

5. It is easy and adaptable into anyone’s lifestyle.

6. Out of the programs reviewed in Jeanne Lee’s review, it is the actually the most economical as even weight watcher’s being listed at $4-8 per pound does not include the cost of their food. I believe Weight Watcher’s does great though for helping people stick to a plan. You do have to wonder though how much of the nutrition is lost in commercial packaging.

7. Due to the excellent nutrition delivered to the cells and specialized natural enhancers, people are able lose more weight at a faster rate and in a healthy manner, which is extremely important.

8. There are often substantial bonuses offered to even lower the cost of your program.

9.  Herbalife is confident you will like their products and gives you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Herbalife’s Accelerated Weight Loss Program With A Special Offer Stacks Up Just Fine

This accelerated weight loss program with a special offer will save you even more money to help encourage you to take a chance on feeling the best you ever have and truly lose the weight once and for all. It is possible with this program. This program is easy, economical, developed by renowned physicians, is effective with a higher success rate and average monthly weight loss is generally higher according to the review by Jeanne Lee and Herbalife guarantees you’ll like our program with a 30 day money back guarantee.  I encourage you to try Herbalife’s accelerated weight loss program today and FEEL, SEE and KNOW the difference.


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