Best Weight Plan is a resource for people to find helpful information on weight plans and possible solutions according to individual preferences and needs.  It has many contributors of information as well as potential product solutions from various weight loss experts.  Contributions are reviewed for basic content quality, but not necessarily endorsed by the Best Weight Plan specialist team.  We make every effort to present quality information to our readers in order that that they might find their best weight plan solution.

Curation Policy

At Bestweightplan.com we make every effort to be courteous in our curation.  As mentioned before, the internet was really founded on the premise of sharing information and helpful products.  We make every effort to find appropriate, well written information and videos that are reputable weight management plans or information.     

When we choose an article or video to share, we are doing so because we feel it has value to our readers. We will always be sure that it links back to that author’s website.  This increases readership to the author’s site, where our readers may be able to get even more valuable information to help them find solutions to whatever they are looking for, plus respects the author’s contribution to the concern of effective weight management.
If you are such an author and for any reason you do not want us to excerpt your articles or videos, simply contact us to remove your article or video.  We will be happy to comply with your request.

Excerpting Policy

Most online publishers recognize the value of having their stories and articles quoted, commented on, debated, discussed, linked to and new readers encouraged to view the articles.  Social sharing of online content only extends the reach, impact, and ultimately the effectiveness and profitability of the original publisher’s website.

The internet was built on sharing, but we feel it should be done respectfully and honestly.  

Best Regards,
The Best Weight Plan Team

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