A Weight Loss Program For Women


Why Isn’t There A Weight Loss Program Specifically For Women?

With all the diet programs out there, there wasn’t a weight loss program for women that really considered the hormones that impact a woman’s weight. Dr. Jade Teta’s incredible new hormone optimizing program built exclusively for women is now available.

For women struggling with weight issues, body changes, or stubborn
health challenges, this can totally transform your life… making it
much easier.

Before now, there has never been a science-based approach to
weight loss and health designed from the ground up specifically for
the female metabolism.

There aren’t that many “women’s” programs out there to begin with…

And for the ones that DO exist, they’re usually based on male-dominated
research… and then only slightly tweaked for women.

But women aren’t just slightly different than men, they’re completely

Women have periods, get pregnant and go through menopause.

That means your hormones are always changing and that’s the key:

> It’s hormones that determine how fast you burn fat.
> It’s hormones that determine how much energy you have during the day.
> And it’s hormones that determine how young you look and feel.

It makes sense your approach should change as your hormones change?

Dr. Jade’s new program is the first in the world to be fully
customized to your unique hormone type.

Discover your hormone type and get access to the world’s first program optimized for your female metabolism.

That means you can tap into the unique metabolic advantage you have
as a woman to:

> Burn 65% more fat than a man.
> Produce nearly 2x more “youth restoring” hormones than man.
> And process carbs up to 100% better than a man.

It’s long past due that women start being treated as unique individuals…
instead of being given the same old worn-out advice that has failed them
time after time.

Discover your hormone type and get access to the world’s first program optimized for your female metabolism.

You’ll be amazed and how much easier life becomes – and how much better it feels – to work with your powerful female hormones, instead of fighting against them.

Learn more about this weight loss program for women and discover your hormone type and how to work with them.


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