A Natural Solution To Hypothyroidism


A Natural SolutionTo Hypothyroidism

An effective natural solution to hypothyroidism is a welcomed relief for many people, but unfortunately many are suffering from hypothyroidism and may not even be aware of it.  As a nurse, it is my mission to help provide helpful information in order to assist people searching for answers to their health concerns.  I always prefer a natural solution over a pharmaceutical whenever possible.  That is not to say that pharmaceuticals don’t have their place, but if your particular health situation allows you the opportunity to implement a more natural approach, this can contribute greatly to your health.

A Natural Solution To Hypothyroidism Provided By Practitioner Of Functional Medicine

Tom Brimeyer has helped people all over the world with a natural solution to hypothyroidism.  Tom is a practitioner of functional medicine and health researcher.  He has studied with and learned from some of the most widely sought after and knowledgeable doctors, health practitioners, and health researchers in the world.

Through his own struggle with chronic health issues, He was introduced to functional medicine many years ago. Ever since that first door opened, He found himself digging deeper and deeper into this both exciting and very misunderstood field of health. Since then, door after door  opened for him which has allowed him to gain a vast understanding of the human body and how to directly influence your health to overcome a wide array of chronic health problems.

Hypothyroidism, A Natural Solution Was Created.

Since 2006, he has enjoyed both a personal transformation and evolution of sorts that has allowed him to become personally and actively involved in the health and lives of countless people all over the world. This includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, China, and the list is growing quickly.

He has helped hundreds of these people overcome chronic health issues such as chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, food allergies, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, adrenal fatigue, dysbiosis, parasitic infections, arthritis, chronic inflammation, osteoporosis and osteopenia, as well as a variety of immune conditions and disorders.

Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as he is concerned.

And as he continues to grow his work and practice to reach more and more people, he looks forward to being a major contributor to igniting what he considers to be the inevitable coming of the Health Revolution. He believes that a much needed radical shift in our mindset and understanding of health is in the making.

This very thinking is what started and continues to feed his own personal mission.

Tom’s Personal Mission: To inspire and educate more than 1 Million people to take control and achieve true health by finding and fixing the underlying cause of their health problems instead of being stuck relying on prescription drugs that merely cover up their symptoms while their health continues to suffer.

Imagine the potential snowball effect that reaching 1 Million people could have. Imagine what would happen if other like-minded doctors and practitioners came together. 1Million would become 2 Million or even 10 Million.

The potential is limitless.

Evolution from Engineer to Health Advocate & Practitioner

Growing up, he always had a keen interest in health and exercise. He was a naturally gifted athlete and always aimed to better himself whether it was on the field or in the gym.

He considered himself to be of pristine health while eating according to the still commonly accepted nutrition beliefs supported by dietitians, doctors, the FDA, and various other healthcare advocates and associations. He ate a low fat diet with plenty of whole grains, low calorie diet drinks, and meal replacement bars. And junk food was never even a thought. At the time, he was convinced that he was doing everything right.

Instead of following his passion at the time, he pursued an education and career as an engineer, which in hindsight, ended up being one of the best things that could have ever happened to him.

He has no doubt in his mind that if he entered the health field as a doctor, physical therapist, or otherwise, he would have ended up accepting and adopting the very same illogical preconceptions about health that he now advocates against.

But it didn’t happen without consequence.

While he continued to live his so-called “healthy” lifestyle, his body began telling him a different story. His energy levels began to drop quickly, his cholesterol was elevated, he began to experience digestive issues, and he always seemed to be suffering from skin issues that wouldn’t clear up. He finally came to accept the fact that these symptoms were not a sign of pristine health.

Then, by chance, he happened to meet one of the most enlightening and influential people of his life: his wife, Karen.

He put up a long and hard fight to hold on to my dogmatic beliefs about health and nutrition. However, in the end, Karen taught him to question everything he believed and not too long after that, the truth had become quite clear.

As an engineer, anytime he learned something new, he felt the need to understand exactly how it worked. So, it was second nature to become enthralled in studying and understanding the complexities surrounding nutrition, hormones, the digestive system, other processes of the body, and how they all interacted and worked together.

A Natural Solution To Hypothyroidism Builds Passionate Momentum

Fueled by his own personal health transformation, he quickly became passionate about what he was learning at the time and found himself connecting with anyone who was willing to listen.

It wasn’t long after that when he took his work online and began sharing it with a much larger audience. And before he knew it, it caught on quickly and began growing at a faster pace than he had ever imagined.

He soon began consulting with people all over the world who wanted to overcome their health problems naturally. Many of which were failed by the conventional medical model.

It became quite clear to him that people felt helpless about their health because they didn’t understand what was really happening to them. And their doctors and healthcare providers further enabled this feeling by telling them to accept their health problems and learn to live with them the best they could because there was no hope of a full recovery.

When you don’t understand the problem, then it is impossible to find a solution.

He found that when you take a complex health issue and break it down for someone to understand, then it becomes far less intimidating and a lot less stressful. It also becomes logical and easy to see how most health problems can be reversed by simply delivering to your cells what they need to thrive and removing whatever it is that is impairing their health.

Seems logical right?

At this point in time, it became quite clear to him that he had found his life’s legacy. And he continues to build that legacy by sharing with you his own research and his own experiences as well as those of his clients.

He has studied and worked with some of the most well respected thyroid researchers, doctors, and practitioners. He has worked through his own trials and errors in correcting his own hypothyroidism as well as with many personal clients. And through his experience, This video shows a natural solution to hypothyroidismhe has created the Hypothyroidism Revolution which is revolutionizing the way the way that the world sees and deals with hypothyroidism by attacking it at the source.

Once you wade through the misinformation and poor research, it will become quite obvious that hypothyroidism is grossly under-diagnosed and grossly misunderstood today.

It is only a matter of time before hypothyroidism begins to get the full recognition that it deserves and he and I invite you to join us on the forefront of this movement and to arm yourself with the tools and resources that you need to revolutionize your health and help lead this change that is going to better and save the lives of millions.


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