A Diet Plan That Works/Healthier Eating Without Restrictions


Create A Healthy Diet Plan

A diet plan that works is generally not one that brings tons of weight off in a week or ones that restrict certain classes of substances, such as carbohydrates or proteins, etc. Certain diet plans may take off weight, but for the body to get all the right combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, water, macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants that are in our foods, we cannot restrict our diets to the point of depriving our bodies of certain food classes. A good diet plan is healthier eating without restrictions. Without restrictions meaning you can eat foods from any category class such as meats, dairy, grains and such. It does not relate to quantity restriction as obviously, you cannot overeat in any class. If you look at the pyramid photo, you can see the recommended servings per day in each category or class. This is the basis for creating a diet plan that will work.

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Simplify A Diet Plan That Works For You

To create a diet plan that will work for you, you can break down the pyramid into a template of sorts, which can simplify your diet plan and allow you to simply put in different food choices each day from the different categories required . It will ensure healthier eating without restrictions of any food category. Here is an example, but you can move things around to fit your schedule or lifestyle. Example is based on the lower serving range requirements. Also, remember that the average person needs about 8 glasses of water per day.

Diet plan that works with food pyramid.

Recommended servings per day in these categories/classes.


Breakfast: 3 grain choices and 1 fruit. [Oatmeal, toast, fruit juice (no added sugar)]
Mid morning snack: 1 dairy, 1 grain. [Yogurt sprinkled with granola].
Lunch: 2 grain, 1 meat, 1 dairy, 2 vegetable [Whole sandwich (2 servings grains), roast beef, lettuce, tomato, other (olives, peperoncini, onion, green
pepper if desired) and slice of cheese].
Afternoon snack: 1 fruit [Apple]
Dinner: 1 meat, 1 vegetable, 1 grain [Chicken, whole grain rice, green beans].

I don’t generally put the fats, oils, sweets in my template as we seem to get those without even trying. You can also replace a meal (or 2 if using shake to lose weight) in the template with the Herbalife Nutritional Shake if you are using those to increase your health and nutrition.

If you are an older man or woman who is sedentary, then you will want to stay closer to the low end of these serving ranges to be closer to what your body needs in calories and nutrients. If you are older, but fairly active, then you could probably try somewhere in the middle, then adjust as needed. If you are young and active or male, you may need to be on higher end of the serving range to maintain weight and get adequate nutrition. Everyone is different and you may need to adjust the amounts of servings and use portion control to fit your body type and goals. It is recommended that before you begin any dietary changes, you discuss these with your physician.

Work Your Diet Plan

This is a general framework for you to set up your own diet plan that works. It can help you to develop the lifestyle changes needed in your dietary pattern to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight in a more enjoyable manner as well as provide you with healthier eating without restrictions.


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