5 Lessons In Dieting


5 Lessons In Dieting

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Here are 5 lessons in dieting from 5 different people who learned some tough lessons, but kept on the battle for their health and desired weight goals. You may be able to relate in one of these 5 lessons in dieting and take hope that you too can overcome.

Lesson 1 Of The 5 Lessons In Dieting

Susan B and her story starts us off on the 5 lessons of dieting. Susan grew up as a child always a little overweight. Enough so that other children at school used to tease her frequently. She never developed a healthy self esteem because of it. She tried to lose weight and was successful with a variety of diets. The weight always came back though. Her self esteem continued to plummet as she got into her early twenties. She started to believe the lies that she was unlovable because of her difficulty with losing weight and keeping it off.

Susan was so discouraged in her early twenties that she became fairly despondent. No one teased her since she was out of school, but the emotional scars from that time remained with her. She tried to be happy and overcome the negative emotions, but despondency usually prevailed. One of her colleagues was trying to lose weight also.

5 lessons in dieting that you can learn from

After swapping similar stories, Susan realized that there were other people that struggled with the same type of feelings she had. Susan and her new friend decided that they would start with prayer to help them achieve their dieting goals. They supported each other in their goals.

1st of the 5 lessons in dieting learned for  Susan is she feels that God showed her that everyone has a different body shape and no particular body shape is more valuable in terms of self-worth. Yet being a healthy weight was important for a lot of reasons, it didn’t have to be what someone else thought it should be.

Lesson 2 Of The 5 Lessons In Dieting

Katie W. brings us to the next of the 5 lessons in dieting.  Katie was a model in her early years before having children. She gained a few extra pounds after her 2 children, but not a lot. All her life though, she felt that she just had to be pencil thin. After all, that is how she got such high paying modeling jobs when she was younger, so she believed. When this extra weight appeared after her 1st child, she was flabbergasted. She started limiting her calories and walking more, but she limited them so much that she was exhausted all the time. That, plus the fact she was still having to wake up every 3 hours or so to feed her baby was really zapping the joy out of life. The baby wasn’t getting as good nutrition and took longer to sleep through the night. Katie ended up pregnant again a few months after her 1st baby was born. She became a bit discouraged. Her 2nd pregnancy required her to rest the last 2 months of the pregnancy and she gained even more weight. After the baby was born, she was about 15 pounds more than she wanted to be and it wasn’t coming off. She got desperate and began to severely restrict her diet, then when she did eat, she would binge eat and make herself vomit afterward. She became bulimic. Over a few months, she actually became pencil thin, which was her goal. Yet she kept up her behavior for fear she might gain weight again. Her husband tried and tried to reassure her that she didn’t have to be pencil thin and that it didn’t change his love for her, but she couldn’t change. She became so ill that she could hardly walk. She was unable to work. She was unable to take care of her children. Their family began to have financial challenges. Katie ended up in the hospital where she received nutrition via a tube and some counseling.

The 2nd of the 5 lessons in dieting was learned by Katie.  That lesson was that there is more to dieting than losing weight. Katie learned to let go of the misconception that she had to be the weight of a model and focused on just being the healthiest weight possible so she could enjoy her life, her husband and children. After she got out of the hospital, she got on an excellent nutrition and exercise program and felt better than ever. She had a few slip ups where she would make herself vomit after eating something fattening, but with continual family support, she no longer does that either and she has remained a healthy weight.

Lesson 3 Of The 5 Lessons In Dieting

Barry R.-His story. Barry has worked hard all his life, taking care of his family and trying to provide all he can for them. After his employer made job cuts to help save the company money, more job responsibilities fell on Barry. He was staying later and later at the office. His job primarily required him to sit at a desk and he started to gain weight. He knew he was gaining weight, but the work had to get done. His fatigue increased and he started eating more things, sometimes unhealthy things, to try to get more energy. He even tried some energy drinks, but this just seemed to add to his increasing weight. He felt trapped, but didn’t know what to do as he was the sole provider for the family and didn’t have the time or energy to look for another job and didn’t want to lose his benefits. He started getting some chest pain and got scared. He attributed it to the weight problem and the stress. He didn’t see how he could change much in the stress department at the time, so he decided he would drop the weight as fast as he could.

Barry started skipping breakfast and often dinner as he was too tired when he got home. His wife made him a good healthy lunch though that he took to work. It didn’t seem to help him in losing weight. He decided that he would only eat half the lunch, but that didn’t help either and he grew more and more fatigued. His chest pain episodes seemed to be increasing in frequency, so he stepped up his efforts to lose weight.

One day, a co-worker walked by his office and saw him clenching at his chest. They ended up calling 911 One of the scariest of the 5 lessons in dieting.who came and evaluated him. By the time they got there the chest pain had resided. He refused to go to the hospital as he didn’t want his wife to know and he didn’t want to risk losing his job. His co-worker learned of how he was trying to diet and suggested he try a different approach. Instead of eating less necessarily or restricting his diet of certain foods, that he try focusing on nutritious foods and eating more frequently, but small amounts more frequently. Barry, at that point, decided he’d try anything and realized what he was doing was obviously not working. Barry started on a nutritious path and followed his co-worker’s advice. He couldn’t believe the difference in his energy level, then weight started to slowly come off. He was amazed that after he changed his diet to include better nutrition, he no longer had chest pain.

The 3rd lesson of the 5 lessons in dieting certainly gave Barry a scare. Trying to lose weight too quickly without getting adequate nutrition is just flat out dangerous.

Lesson 4 of the 5 Lessons In Dieting

Greg L.-His story. Greg wanted to look trim and just stay active. Like many people when they gain a few extra pounds, he went on a diet. He chose a diet that was well known and one he felt he could be successful with. The diet plan required him to cut out certain types of foods, which wasn’t too difficult for him to do even though he enjoyed them. He lost 10 pounds in about 4 weeks. The diet, in fact, helped him to lose weight. Once he got to his desired weight, he stopped the diet program. Over the next couple months, he gained the 10 pounds back plus 4 more. So, he decided he would go back on that same diet seens it was so “successful” in helping him lose weight before. He again lost weight, but was only able to lose about 7 pounds, then just stayed there even though he continued on the diet. He wasn’t feeling too well on the diet, so decided he’d be happy with 7 pounds lost and stopped the diet. Again, after stopping the diet program, he gained weight, this time 8 pounds in 5 weeks. Being kind of an analytical type person, he did some research and discovered these results were very common with majority of “diets” out there. He then started looking at what his normal food intake was and his normal activity level. Through his research, he learned a few things he could change in his lifestyle that would help him feel better and stay steady at the weight he wanted to be at.

Lesson 4 of the 5 lessons in dieting that Greg Learned was that losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t require a “diet,” but a lifestyle change.

Lesson 5 Of The 5 Lessons In Dieting

Jeri R. and her story is the final story in these 5 lessons in dieting. Jeri had been relatively thin most of her life, but after menopause she started gaining weight. It was mostly in the abdominal area. For a long time, she thought she was mostly bloated, so the actual weight gain kind of crept up on her. Once she realized this was getting out of hand and that with menopause, many women gain visceral fat or internal fat5 lessons in dieting, one being prepare for menopause. around the organs, she wanted to get rid of it. She didn’t want to risk health related issues and she just didn’t like how it made her feel or look. Knowing the importance of good nutrition, she tried to eat well and be relatively active. Not sleeping too well, she was often fatigued during the day, which caused her not to want to exercise and she wanted to eat more for energy. She learned of the sleep correlation to weight gain, so started a natural sleep aid product, continued on her good nutrition and tried to at least do walking in order to burn some extra fat and calories. It has been kind of a slow process, but she is seeing progress in the right direction now. She has lost some inches around her thighs, buttocks and waist, but continues on her program as part of her lifestyle plan. She has lots more energy now and knows she will get to her goal.

The 5th of the 5 lessons in dieting that Jeri learned was that menopausal weight gain is real. Women should prepare before menopause by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits.

These people learned that these 5 lessons in dieting are real challenges for many. Many people get down on themselves for being overweight, but they need to realize they are valuable no matter how much they weigh and trying to lose weight is not just to weigh less, but to be at the healthiest weight possible for that particular person. Getting adequate nutrition should be priority in any plan to lose weight and keep it off, so that you are giving your body the nutrients it needs for its health. Realizing too that most diets may be able to help you lose weight, but once you go back to the lifestyle that caused the weight gain, it will just come back. Lifestyle changes may be needed in order to keep the weight off. Menopausal weight gain can be a bit more challenging to get rid of, but the same principles apply, just add a little bit of perseverance. I am sure there are more lessons to be learned, but here are 5 lessons in dieting that you can learn from, hopefully without having to experience them.


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